10 Spring Garage Organization Tips

Garage Storage Organization - Before and After

10 Spring Garage Organization Tips

Regardless of what the groundhog said, spring is well on its way and being prepared is our only chance at staying on top of things. One of the best places to start your spring preparation is the garage. You’ve got your gardening tools, bikes, and other equipment that are vital for spring weather. Here are 10 spring garage organization tips for tackling and organizing that often ignored space.

  10 Spring Garage Organization Tips

1. Get Some Help: Recruit your kids, family members, or friends to help you work on the space. Depending on the workload, garage organizing can be a bit intimidating all alone. Make lunch for your helpers or give them refreshments for their hard work.

2. Designate: You need to determine what goes where and keep it that way. Garden tools go in the back left corner, while snowboard equipment goes in the front left, etc. This way you won’t lose things because you know where they’re supposed to be.

3. Label: Don’t be afraid to print out some labels and stick them on drawers, shelves, and boxes. It’s better to be over organized than the opposite!

10 Spring Garage Organization Tips

4. Different Size Boxes: Find the right size boxes or containers that’s appropriate for the item. If you have a bunch of screws, find a small size container to put them in. Find a big box or bin to fill with sports equipment.

10 Spring Garage Organization Tips

5. Invest in Shelving: You’ll be surprised at how much space is revealed when you find some good, sturdy shelving to install. Not only will you be able to store your things off the ground, but you can hang things too!

10 Spring Garage Organization Tips

6. Take Breaks: I know the key may be to get it done as fast as possible, but if you need a break, take it! When you start getting tired, things start getting harder and the work will seem aggravating. Take a step back and take the time to regroup.

7. By Season: If your equipment is out of season, you can store it high above using overhead racks to get it out of the way until next year. This will allow more access to your frequently used items that season.

10 Spring Garage Organization Tips

8. Do You Need It: Determine if it’s something you’ll really be using. If those roller blades have been sitting in your garage for the past 10 years without being touched, it’s probably time to get rid of them.

9. Be Charitable: Instead of throwing things in the garbage, make a pile to give to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other thrift store. Someone else will find use out of what you think is junk.

10. Reward Yourself: Once that garage is looking spiffy, treat yourself to a nice meal or a new manicure, or something that you love!

Garage Storage Organization - Monkey bar SolutionGetting your garage spring ready isn’t too hard. With these 10 spring garage organization tips, a little help and a bit of motivation, your garage will be looking spotless in no time! For more information and tips, visit http://www.garagesolutionsstlouis.com/.

Guest Post Written By Madison Aki in support of Garage Solutions of St Louis, a Monkey Bars Authorized Dealer.

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