A New Way to Use Your Old Art!

A New Way to Use Your Old Art

Hello everyone – Today our post is all about old art.  We are going to show you how to take these old piece of unloved art from your unused collections, and turn it into something you want to hang in your home.

Our old art piece was 26 w x 30 L”.  It was the old movie posters we used in our viewing room in our old home, but did not want for this set up.  We always wanted large photos of the girls when they were little playing on the beach.  We took two of our favorite photos and blew them up to 18 x 24.  Our local Kinko’s does a great job!  This gave us room to mount and trim the excess off the picture.

A new way to use your old art

First, we laid the old art flat, and Mod Podge glued the burlap from Jo-ann Fabric to the bottom of the old picture.  Then we added the Mod Podge glue to the center frame and mounted the photo.  We trimmed the excess away from the photo leaving the picture right where we wanted it.  Next, we cut 1×3’s to the length of the art piece on the outside of the frame.  (Depending on your art piece, you will need to measure your lengths and cut your wood to the size of your re-done piece).  After cutting each piece, we stained them and let them dry – once dry, we stood the 1×3’s on their sides, and we glued the wood 1×3’s to the outside of the frame and nailed with small nails.

A new way to use your old art

Then we added the inside trim we cut from our 1×2 wood to give the piece a finished look.  To finish off the inside of the photo we cut L-Shaped picture molding and mounted around the picture after the stain dried.

A new way to use your old art

We added picture hangers to the back and mounted on the family room wall.  The total cost, a whopping $28.00 for both pieces of art from trash to our new treasure!  Proves, don’t let it go until your done with it.  You too can find a new way to use your old art.

A new way to use your old art  A new way to use your old art

Happy Thursday – and thanks for stopping by!


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