About Us

On May 5, 2012 my husband, Curt and I decided to transform our lives from 4,000 square feet of living space to 2,000 square feet.  The result: a challenge to decorate a space that was half the size, and you know what I said, “Bring it on!” As a result, we began to create various home decor solutions including DIY projects, DIY furniture, painted furniture, and other creative decorating projects for our home.  We soon found out reducing your stuff to life’s essentials was key to making our cozier space feel like a warm home.  As a result, I want to share our journey of wood, saws, nails, and paint and how to make creations through our blog,  Hello…I Live Here.
Hello I Live Here Cozy Space

Hello I Live Here Cozy Space

Although our site is for fun and we sell nothing, we hope this site will bring inspiration to people of all ages that living and decorating a smaller space can be a great adventure.  Whether you’re downsizing your life, moving out into your first apartment after college, or wanting to start over I can show you how to do so by making your own pieces and putting your own touch on them.

Thank you for stopping by!

Linda Crandall




Disclosure:  Some products are donated to our building processes, we in turn blog those products.  Our projects are solely for our home decor and are suggestions.  If you choose to build on your own we are in no way responsible legal or other wise.  We are simply a fun site that shows DIY can work to help people live in a smaller foot print.