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The Pedestal Table and the Plan!

The Pedestal Table and the plan

I am so excited to share The Pedestal Table and the Plan post!.  A few weeks back I stumbled on the site with plans for a farmhouse pedestal table, also called a harvest table.  I fell totally in love with the post of this farmhouse pedestal table, so I decided to give it a try.  This was the first time I had built anything since high school shop class but that did not stop me! I grabbed the plan, forced the hubby (who’s a great sport I might add), into the car and headed off to Home Depot plans in hand.

I was so excited, I felt like I was running through the wood isle of Home Depot like it was a meadow on a spring day.   If anyone has ever wanted a Farmhouse Pedestal table, they know how expensive they are, so the feelings are warranted.  Curt, being a skeptic of the price tag, shook his head, and waited for the total with his eyes shut.    But the harvest table plan did not let me down! No kidding – I would get my new table and at an affordable price – The plan was spot on!

Here’s what we did:

1.  We gathered all the wood, loaded our vehicle and headed for the garage.  Once home, we followed the plans carefully, we even used a planer on every piece of wood, now that’s dedication!

Farmhouse Pedestal Table  - Before Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Planing the lumber

2.  We glued legs, added the decorative pieces, and cut the top and bottoms to complete the process just like the plan showed.

Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Preparing the legs Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Cutting the legs Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Assemble the legs Farmhouse Pedestal Table - The three legs

3.  Next we constructed the farmhouse pedestal table top with the Kreg Jig joining each board together with glue, screws, and nails and using a bunch of clamps to help us hold the top together.  Then we added the legs to the table top.

Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Kreg joinery Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Joining the table Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Aligning the pedestal to the table Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Aligning the pedestal to the table

4.  Once the Farmhouse Pedestal Table was complete, we sealed the piece so the wood would not take in all the stain at once,  (remembering from shop class that stain on pine can sometimes look too blotchy we sealed it first).  Then we stained each section with Aged Oak Stain by Minwax.  Once dried, we added a protective coating.

Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Stained and protected

5.  We let the farmhouse pedestal table dry over night, and set up the dining room.  We could not believe how beautiful our handy work was as we stood admiring the table for long periods of time at all angles of the room.  To match our style of the villa, we added burlap chairs with nail head that we purchased at Home Decorators.  It was a splurge, but after all a table is a necessity!  Looking forward to building bunches of family memories with this table.

Farmhouse Pedestal Table - The finished DIY Project


This was a fun project will take a few days to complete, and is intermediate in skill level.

Happy Building and please feel free to leave comments or ask questions.  Thanks for stopping by Hello I Live Here!

-Linda C