Christmas decor ideas from Hello I Live Here

Rustic Christmas Tree Display

Christmas decor ideas from Hello I Live Here

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  I am sure your all running around and prepping for your evening with friends and family, while adding those last minute touches of decor that just welcome your guests.  Our post tonight is a run through of all the Christmas decor ideas from Hello I Live Here that we shared with you over the past few weeks leading up to our wonderful Christmas celebrations.

Let’s take a look back at all the great things we made this season.

First up, we have our beautiful gift blocks post that shared how to make this wonderful gifts that will light up the life of the receiver.  The best thing about the gift block, they are not just for Christmas.  These wonderful gift blocks can also be used for party invitations, valentine’s day, breast cancer survivors gifts, anniversaries, and birthday gifts to that special someone.

Gift Block completed

Next up, was our Easy Rustic Christmas Wreath.  This was a great project made from left over decor Christmas items in our craft room and a wreath of branches bought from a local thrift store. This was a wonderful addition to the outside of our home’s garage this year, and brought cheer to the whole subdivision.

Easy Rustic Wreath

We followed up our Easy Rustic Christmas Wreath, with a Rustic Christmas Tree Display.  This display was fun to create down to the Rustic planter box (featured on Bob Vila Nation) that we built for our porch display.  This great display was a gift on our porch for all our neighbors who put up with our garage antics all year long!  We so appreciate our wonderful neighborhood! 🙂

Rustic Christmas Tree Display

Once we finished with the outside of the house, we started making great things like our DIY Joy Stocking hanger. As you remember from our post, we do not have a fireplace in the Villa (not yet any way 😉 -) so I came up with a way to display those stockings so Santa could find them.

DIY Stocking Hanger

We also completed a couple festive Candy Cane decor pieces. Our DIY Candy Cane Candle, and our Easy Candy Cane Vase.  I love candy canes, and I try to use them in my home decor for at least one room.  These wonderful little red and white striped canes of goodness always remind me of my Grandparents.  They were the one main candy they always had for us when we were little at Christmas.

Easy Candy Cane Vase

DIY Candy Cane Candle

After we posted these, we showed you how to make our awesome Painted Christmas Ornaments (also featured on Bob Vila Nation).  This wonderful and easy project would be a great project you can make with your grandchildren,or with your crafting friends.  I also want to thank all of you who visited our Hometalk and Bob Vila links to vote for and like our post. 🙂

Painted Christmas Ornaments

We closed out our Christmas posts with two great and easy pieces of art, our Easy Art project and our Noel art project that all of you showed the love on our Pinterest, Hometalk, and Facebook Boards.

DIY Christmas Noel Art

DIY Christmas Art

Christmas time is always a wonderful time of year to share our talents with others.  We so appreciate all the great comments and time you spend viewing our projects.  You are all the reason I love doing blogging.  Sharing these wonderful Christmas projects with you made our December warm and fun. 🙂  Hello I Live Here is grown leaps and bounds because of all of you, which is the best Christmas gift a new blogger could ask for, so thank you all again.

If you missed any of the Christmas posts from our blog, we have embedded the links for your reading pleasure.  Make sure you subscribe to our blog so you will never miss a new post when Hello I Live Here completes their projects.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and great forwarding to a Happy New Year!  See you for a post on Thursday.



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