Create a Master Bathroom Spa Retreat

Master Bathroom Spa Retreat

Create a Master Bathroom Spa Retreat

Create a Master Bathroom Spa Retreat with plants

There is nothing more satisfying than lying back in a warm scented bath, feeling those expensive but delightful essential oils soaking into our tired skin as we enjoy a spa day. Sadly, these wonderfully relaxing treats are pricey, meaning that we have to save up in between spa visits so that the benefit of all that pampering is long gone before the next visit! However, you can makeover your bathroom so that you can have a spa bath whenever you want to, with just a few simple adjustments and changes to your bathroom.

Create a Master Bathroom Spa Retreat tropical

First of all, clean and, if necessary, paint the bathroom from top to bottom. It is hard to relax and unwind in a grubby, unwelcoming environment and you will not feel that you are sitting in the lap of luxury if you can see an immense spider web swaying in the corner every time you look up! Choose a good quality, neutral color paint for your bathroom walls as this will allow you to dramatically change the appearance of the bathroom simply by changing the accessories and soft furnishings.

Put a plant or two into the bathroom. Plants often thrive in the damp steamy environment of a bathroom and having a touch of nature in the room can enhance the spa feel of the room as well as making the whole space look fabulously polished and well-finished.

Create a Master Bathroom Spa Retreat counter top

Establish a zero tolerance stance regarding bathroom clutter. The less mess you have to contend with getting in and out of the bath and as you apply your moisturizer or face-mask, the better you will feel about yourself. That may sound ridiculous, but it is a fact that having a clean, clear and well-lighted space in which to work, play or even bathe can have a salutary effect on your mood. To hide your bathroom clutters invest in some good quality bathroom cabinets available at My-Bathrooms. Having no clutter in the bathroom also makes it easier for you to indulge, every now and then, in a special pampering session in the bathroom, allowing you to pretend that you are in a luxury, five star establishments!

Next, stock your bathroom with a range of scented candles or a bowl of potpourri and make sure that you have a small, waterproof music player. Only put these out on special occasions to prevent them becoming commonplace and normal. When it is time to have a pampering session, put out the candles and get a playlist, lasting anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours, all loaded up and ready to go on your music player. Please note, if you are using your phone or similar device for your music, make sure that you purchase a waterproof cover for it before subjecting it to the steamy damp atmosphere in the bathroom!

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Invest in some thick fluffy towels and hide them from everyday use and, selfishly, from everyone else! If you can, also invest in a headband or bath cap, similar to those used in spas and do not forget to get a thick toweling robe for after the bath! Take the opportunity to upgrade your bathroom accessories, making sure that you have a thick absorbent bathmat to step out on, rather than chilly wet flooring or tiles! You can also have a spa basket from Pro Flowers, they have many varieties of products in it for your spa treatment at home.

Create a Master Bathroom Spa Retreat soaking with candles

Once your bathroom is ready, run the water, add some bubbles and a drop or two of essential oils (lavender is perfect for relaxing before bed while grapefruit will rejuvenate and refresh you). Pour a glass of wine, hit play on the music, light the candles and step into your very own private spa for a long relaxing and remarkably cheap spa bath!

Guest Blog written by Sue Jason for My-Bathrooms, shares how to create a Master Bathroom Spa Retreat.

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