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Front Door Jewelry  – Door Knocker and Kick Plate

Happy Friday everyone!  Today’s post is all about the front door.  I love a beautiful entryway door that provides neighbors something to view while out walking or welcomes your visitors. Don’t get me wrong, the beautiful porch flower/bench displays and colorful wreaths are equal to door furniture, but it just seemed our door had something missing without a door knocker and kick plate.

Long before a door bell, this feature has hung around on doors since the middle ages, and are considered as furniture for your door.  Back in the day, door knocker’s were often ornate and over-sized, but today’s door knockers are sleek, shinny and come in a variety of updated styles. This little door trinket allows people outside to alert you of their presence with a subtle tap.  It was surprising to me that none of the doors in our cozy subdivision had a door knocker.  So guess who took the first step to rectify that mistake! 😉  Door Knockers are easy on the ear, and if used correctly, will not wake a sleeping baby from slumber (raising two daughters of my own, I valued the knocker over the door bell at nap time).  Another nice feature, this little jewel can hold a 180 degree viewer allowing you to see who is at your front door.  A nice safety feature if your alarm system does not have a door camera or you live alone.  We did not stop at the door knocker…

door knocker - ornate Door knocker and camera Door knocker

We also installed the door knocker’s counter part, the kick plate.  To us you cannot have a door knocker without a kick plate and here’s the reason why – scuff marks!  When we moved into our villa, we noticed the scuffs from shoes hitting the front door as mover brought in our belongings.  These marks  were non-removable, and required painting.  We decided then and there to install a kick plate.  It did two things, protected our door from future scuff marks, and kept us from painting the bottom of the door, you can’t beat that 🙂  Kick plate’s are made from 16-gauge stainless steel and you install it at the bottom of your door with a few tiny screws.  You can find them pre-cut to a variety of heights and widths to fit any standard size door at your local Lowe’s.  Once installed you can give a big farewell to foot traffic scuffs and the paint brush!  A win win in my book!

Front door kick plate Front door kick plate

These products range in price.  We bought our’s at Lowe’s and matched them in satin nickel to our door’s hardware.  Our knocker is a Gatehouse 7-in Satin Nickel Entry Door Knocker ($12.96) and Gatehouse 10-in x 34-in Satin Nickel Entry Door Kick Plate ($26.55). Not bad door jewelry for under $40! These two product do a wonderful job for function and dressing up our otherwise dull front door.

A naked door Our accessorized front door - door knocker and kick plate Our accessorized front door - door knocker and kick plate

A simple walk took our door from drab to fab.  Surprising changes come when your eye picks up on the small things.   Thanks for stopping by – Have a fun and family filled Friday everyone! 🙂


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