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Downsizing? Fischer & Frichtel Homes can help.

Fischer & Frichtel Home - provided from their website
Fischer & Frichtel Home – provided from their website

Downsizing can be scary, but a good builder like  Fischer & Frichtel Homes can help.

In August 2000, our family was transplanted from California to St. Louis with my husband’s job at AT&T.   This move happened fast, we were asked to relocate, but had only a month to get Curt into his new desk and our daughters settled before school started in September.  We now had the new task of finding a home in the right school district, and a home we would be comfortable in through the long winters (we came from the beach – so this was a drastic change).

As we searched for a home, we visited loads of builders, but noticed things we could not live with.  We looked at over 40 homes in a weekend trip, and only one builder was in the lead for us…Fischer & Frichtel Homes.  We asked about purchasing a model, but they had none to let go of at the time.  We settled on a 10-year-old home in the Ballwin community and stayed until our children left for college, but never forgot the kind and receptive service we received from the team at Fischer & Frichtel Homes.

Knowing we would downsize at some point in our lives, we started browsing for a change in our life-style when our last daughter left for college…it’s true parents, girls don’t return home to live, they love being on their own 🙁 .  Knowing the girls would not be living back at home, we decided to list our oversized home and purchase a smaller home where our lifestyle needs were met, and Curt and I could start living some life – you know, golf, trips, time to be a couple again.

Curt and I set out to find our next home and remembered our favorite builder, Fischer & Frichtel Homes.  We both knew they were the builder for us because we had been treated like family upon a prior visit.  We decided to visit a few of their communities and yep, the family presence was still with the company, even after 12 years!

Feeling that warm family feeling, we made our choice to downsize to a smaller home, and fell in love with a Villa floor plan.  Our friends laughed, telling us these Villa’s were for retired people.  We smiled stating Villa’s are for people who want a life-style change and we are nowhere near retirement!  We explained that we felt a large home was for raising a family and our girls were adults with a life of their own.  Both daughters are not married nor do we have grandchildren, so letting go of an over-sized home for a life-style change was the right choice for us.  No longer wanting to clean the large home, and do time consuming outdoor maintenance, we decided our life would be filled with trips, golf and outings that we promised ourselves we would do after the kids were settled.

Revisiting Fischer & Frichtel helped us decide that that Coachlight offered the easy-maintenance lifestyle we were looking for, and it was a good thing we did because our home sold in one day with Realtor, Dawn Krause, of The Krause Team at Keller Williams Realty.  The guarantee by Fischer & Frichtel Homes and Dawn Krause that our Villa would be ready made the difference.  We put our trust into Fischer & Frichtel Homes and signed the paper work.  We were the proud owners of a Fischer & Frichtel Villa Home and their team of contractors worked hard so we could move in 6 weeks later, as they promised.

Fischer & Frichtel Homes
Fischer & Frichtel Homes

Settling into our new Villa, we found we truly lost no space other than rooms we never used and just cleaned.  We enjoy the luxuries of not having to clean a large home, or mow a large lawn, and having our weekends to our self.  Our new Fischer & Frichtel home still had all the room we needed, a finished basement for our media room, a recreation area, third bedroom, additional bath, a space for Curt’s office, heck they even helped us place into the plans a wine storage area.  We knew storage was the key to downsizing.  We quickly started to build our own storage areas for our new home. During this process, I decided to start my own blog on tips to assure homeowners in similar situations that storage was not an issue in our Villa.

We can tell you all, we love our new home at Coachlight and we are happy 12 years ago when we relocated to St. Louis that we stumbled on Fischer & Frichtel Homes.  Our advice, do not be afraid to downsize and live your life after your children leave home.  We could not be happier taking on our new adventure, an adventure giving us more time together.  Do not get us wrong, we enjoy our time with our children, and one day our grandchildren, but for now we are able to enjoy that time doing the things we love with our girls instead of mowing the lawn!

Family-owned and operated for more than six decades, Fischer & Frichtel understands that the quality of life begins at home.  Want more information to help you decide?  Visit Fischer & Frichtel Homes.  They are a St. Louis area new home builder with a lot to offer.  For more information about F&F Homes building your new home, please call 314-576-0500. – See more at:

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