Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden

Do you grow herbs? – We do with an Indoor Herb Garden

This year in St Louis it was such a hot summer our herbs did poorly.  Every time we went to get something off an herb plant, it was, well, baked – no matter how much shade or water we provided the herbs.  We decided to grow some small indoor herbs near our kitchen for easy snipping.  We needed an out of the way place so we decided to place them on the wall.

Indoor Herb Garden - Our herbs that died outdoors
Outdoor Herbs become Indoor Herb Garden – St Louis Summer – Dead Herbs




Walking through Joann’s Fabrics – I found on the clearance rack ($2.50 each) for 4 potters made just for growing indoor herbs for the wall!  So excited I took them home and mounted the indoor herb potters with Hercules Hooks purchased from As Seen on TV.



Indoor Herb Garden - Hung using Hercules Hook
Hercules Hook used for Indoor Herb Garden




Using this hook made it easy to hang  these little half round indoor herb QT’s in their new home.  I simply twisted, pushed and turned – Bam – installed! I did have to drilling or pounding to try to find a stud – and the best thing no damaged walls – that’s right – a simple pin type hole! These little hooks can hold up to 150 lbs, so I knew our indoor herb garden would be no challenge for these hooks!



Once mounted, I taped off the fronts of the pots with Scotch blue painters tape. Then I painted squares with Valspar chalkboard paint purchased from Lowe’s and let dry.

Indoor Herb Garden - Taping for Chalk Paint process
Taping Indoor Herb Garden for Chalk Paint


Indoor Herb Garden - chalk paint drying
Indoor Herb Wall Garden With Chalk Pain









Once dry, I planted the four herbs we love to use in our everyday cooking, writing the names on the front of the pots.  Bam! Herb Wall Garden 🙂

Indoor Herb Garden - Who Wants Parsley!
Chalked names for Indoor Herb Garden







How do you grow herbs in your area?  Send us some ideas.  Happy herb growing!!!

Here’s to a great Wednesday everyone!


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