Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Paint your Kitchen cabinets-finished look

Paint your Kitchen Cabinets Just DIY it! Hello readers, with today’s post we start to show you how to Paint your Kitchen Cabinets!  Well, can you believe we all made it to Friday!  Hope you all have some great projects to complete today – I know I have many.  Lately, I have had clients come to Hello I Live Here for help on how to Paint your kitchen cabinets several times a week.  So, it got us thinking, how about a blog post that shows how we painted our own cabinets.  Hopefully after you read this post you will see what it … Continued

Lets Talk Milk Paint

Lets Talk Milk Paint Just be nice Hey Y’all – Lets talk milk paint – you saw I wrote a post about Chalk paint last night, today Lets just get milk paint out of the way too, Just let’s be nice about it.  I use and blog so many paints because like a hamburger, you need more than one place for a variety to make your world happy. Milk and Chalk paint have been getting a bad rap for some time, yet they have been around for centuries and have done the job of designing furniture for years.  Why all of … Continued

Chalk Paint…Yep Another Opinion

Chalk Paint…Yep Another Opinion Just have fun Hi Y’all – well, here we go – Chalk Paint…Yep Another Opinion!  Lately we are reading a bunch about chalk paints by those who choose not to use them.  I want to clear the air about Chalk Paint and why we use it.  For Hello I Live Here, the perfectly imperfect decorative paint helps give otherwise old, ugly furniture a beautiful velvety, matte finish.  It’s not meant to hide an older piece of furniture, but to accentuate its aged beauty.   I use this delicious paint because it is very easy to work … Continued

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover – Install Crown Molding

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover - Install Crown Molding - Crown Corners Cut and End Beadboard

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover – Install Crown Molding While window shopping at the Home Depot with my hubby, we stumbled by the kitchen section and I noticed how nice and grand the cabinets looked with crown molding. I was inspired.   To say our current kitchen cabinets are uninspiring is an understatement, but who has thousands lying around to purchase their dream cabinets? So I decided to do the next best thing – undertake a kitchen cabinet makeover and install crown molding. This project is not as hard as it may seem. In fact, you may be able to get away … Continued

Wood Floor Installation Techniques – Part Two

Wood floor installation techniques - dining and living rooms finished

Wood Floor Installation Techniques – Part Two Welcome back, in Wood Floor Installation Techniques Part One we covered the preparation for wood floor installation including carpet and carpet pad removal, baseboard removal, subfloor repairs and clean up. In this post we will cover some important wood floor installation technique tips and tricks we learned including which wall to start, tongue in or out, changing directions and fitting under door jambs. Wood Floor Installation Techniques – Installing the First Row Installing the first row for wood floors requires selecting a good place to start. Since outside walls are straighter then inside … Continued

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