Reclaimed Wine Nook

Hello I Live Here - Reclaimed Wine Nook

Reclaimed Wine Nook

Hello everyone – tonight’s blog – the reclaimed wine nook, the perfect spot for wine storage.  When we purchased our Villa from Fischer & Frichtel Homes here in St Louis (by the way the most awesome home builders ever), we had them customize some of our spaces for our new cozy lifestyle.  When we asked for a wine storage, they looked and said why not!  Chris and his Team, carved out a 9×4 room, yep it’s that cozy  🙂  While visiting the villa one day, one of the contractors asked what the space was going to be since they were adding no finishes to the space.  We explained our vision for a reclaimed wine nook , and once closed, got to work on a place for the wine to live (very important to hubby, and was my secret gift to him when I had Chris and his team draw up the plans.

This is what we did to make the space our own.

1.  We ordered flooring first since it would take 3 weeks to get (that’s even being family) – Our wood floors are from our good friends at Fontenay Hardwood Flooring in Costa Mesa, CA. They are Vintage Barrel Collection Cooperage, handcrafted from reclaimed barrels, and beautifully displays authentic stamps and markings from the barrel head.  They were a splurge, but they made the impersonal space start to come to life and start to look like a reclaimed wine nook! If you love them, give them a call – you will find no better service, and they are all made to order.

Hello I Live Here - reclaimed wine wood floors
Hello I Live Here – reclaimed wine wood floors

2.  Next, we found reclaimed 4 x 4 left over from our house build, we just could not toss them away since we paid for the wood already.  We bored holes through one side of the posts, with a drill and 1 1/4″ Irwin Speedbor purchased from Lowe’s to fit the wine bottle necks, stained with an aged oak stain and then attached the posts with very long lag bolts from the back of the wall.  (yep I had them leave that part open knowing we were doing this.

Hello I Live Here - Drilling holesHello I Live Here -Installing the wine fridge

3.  Once attached, we purchased Vissani 17 in. 28-Bottle Wine Cooler in Stainless Steel and matching Vissani 17 in. Wide 90 cans Beverage Cooler in Stainless Steel from Home Depot.  Once we got the to home, we cut out the back wall opening and framed to allow more room for storage, and for proper cooling of the unit. 

Hello I Live Here  - wine fridge opening Hello I Live Here  - wine fridges installed Hello I Live Here  - wine fridges installed

4.  Moving forward, we built a custom bar top to go over the units with our left over Cooperage flooring from Fontenay Hardwood Flooring.  we had just enough to complete a 4 ft x 18″ wide, and installed the counter above the wine and beverage coolers.  We then set the custom shelf into place and installed the wine stem holders.

Hello I Live Here  - custom table top Hello I Live Here  - DIY Floating Shelf Hello I Live Here  - DIY Floating shelf installed

5. We painted the reclaimed wine nook wall with black chalkboard paint so we can write the wine types above the columns, then used a corresponding sage grey green color to bring out the flooring and tile, and added art work.

Hello I Live Here - reclaimed wine nook Hello I Live Here - reclaimed wine nook

6.  Last, we installed the slate tile board around the bar top and wood flooring.  This truly brought the wood and colors to life.

Hello I Live Here - custom baseboards Hello I Live Here - reclaimed wine nook

The result, unexpected storage for a cozy space!  We love our new reclaimed wine nook, and could not be happier with the finished room.  Here’s to you finding a cozy space for your wine storage.  Feel free to leave comments.  Have a great Monday evening!


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