Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray

The Villa Goes Shades of Gray

Happy Sunday everyone! We are going gaga over at Hello I Live Here for Shades of Gray. We have started the process to change our rooms to this color and the furniture will not be far behind. (No worries I recruited hubby to do my shades of gray painting – so I am following doctors orders 😉 He’s awesome to help a girl out).

Shades of Gray

I know, we have only been here a year, however the gold colors for us are no longer working as we are working hard to change our small villa to that homey feel through a new color and furnishings we have found or build to fit the space we live, including a cooler paint tones of shades of gray.

Shades of Gray

Various shades of gray are neutral, balanced colors, and in cool tones you can go as conservative in decor, or turn around and evoke strong finishes with shades of gray that will totally support your decor loves.  Shades of gray are those moody type of sophisticated colors that just get along with others.

Paint colors

Our visions boards are going wild since completing the Master Bathroom Makeover Series with all the great shades of gray and a few pops of colors into each room.  If you missed the the posts, you can click here to read the posts and see what we have changed so far to date.


Updating a Bathroom Vanity

DIY Tile Project

Board and Batten Wainscoting

With all the shades of gray peaking at us from the master bathroom, we moved from the into the master bedroom taking out all the old gold colors, painting all the walls the lighter gray, and the accent walls into the darker gray from Pantone String by Valspar from Lowe’s, and Behr Collonade Gray for the dark walls from Home Depot. This is the result so far 🙂  and We are loving it!!!!

Shades of Gray

See, from gold to gray – it’s a great change for us! But know this is the start – we are not done yet as we now plan the build in book/closets, new bench seating and upgrade the bed platform.

Shades of Gray

It’s true – the DIY Decorating Ripple Effect has taken hold, so we know this train will not be stopping anytime soon!

Shades of Gray

Stop by tomorrow – hubby will be done painting the combo room walls of the kitchen, dining, and living room – and I will be busy making my next inspiration boards for these three rooms and what we will be adding to them.  Until next post have an awesome Sunday everyone!!!

🙂 Linda

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