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DIY Stocking Hanger

DIY Stocking Hanger

DIY Stocking Hanger

Hi everyone!  Tonight I made an easy DIY Stocking Hanger I wanted to share with you.  So Sorry for the late post, but I spent the day helping a friend make the lovely lighted gift blocks shown on our blog for her office gift party.

DIY Stocking Hanger

The DIY stocking hanger was a quick little project.  I love the ideas of red and white injected into at least one room of my home, so the choice to do this with a simple DIY stocking hanger really spoke to me.  Our last home had a lovely fireplace, but the new home does not have a fireplace, so I had to get inventive so Santa would find those stockings.

Here’s what I did.

First, I took and old frame of black from my decorator closet and popped out the glass.  I added a piece of sheet metal I purchased from Lowe’s for about $3.99.  It was a perfect fit for the frame so I did not have to cut it.  I simple took out the glass and popped in the sheet metal to give us a beautiful background.

DIY Stocking Hanger

Then, I added my letters “JOY” purchased at Joann’s for $3.99 each.  I simply added red and white stripped ribbon purchased from Michael’s and tied into a bow.  Then I hot glued the letters to the sheet metal.

DIY Stocking Hanger

Next, I added four small clothes pins purchased from Joann’s (bag $3.49).  I Hot glued each clothes pin to the bottom of the frame.

DIY Stocking Hanger

After the clothes pins were set, I hung simple red stockings purchased at Joann’s for $2.99 each, added a beautiful wooden ornament left from my wrapping box last year, and small Christmas charms that are really wine glass tags, to each stocking.  I finished off the look by adding a red and white stripped candy cane to each stocking.

DIY Stocking Hanger

This easy DIY stocking hanger is hung behind our dining table.  It helped to balance the easy DIY candy cane center piece for the table we did a couple days ago.  I also added one of the Painted Christmas Ornaments I completed in yesterday’s post to my center piece to give it a little pop of green.  Make sure you stop by Bob Vila and see our Painted Christmas Ornaments post  featured on his site.

Easy Candy Cane Vase

To me it’s the simple things you can make that brighten your Christmas decor.  These little touches of red and white remind me of my grandmother.  She always had one room that was all red and white, this small touch to our home makes me feel like a child again and think of her 🙂   Well, that’s Hello I Live Here’s post for tonight.  I hope you enjoy trying this Easy DIY stocking hanger craft project.

Thanks for stopping by to view our Christmas decor ideas.  Happy DIY crafting – see you all tomorrow!



Gift Blocks

Gift Block completed

Want to light up someone’s life with Gift Blocks?

Hello I Live Here is taking a break from our wood working today to sharing how to make these beautiful Gift Blocks for Christmas.

Gift Blocks from Hello I Live Here

We all know glass blocks have been used in home improvement projects like shower walls, windows, and various other uses for years.  Now, they are being used to make wonderful gift blocks.  When I first started making gift blocks, I had to drill the hole into the gift blocks myself with a diamond bit and water running over the block – It was a lot of work getting that tiny hole into that thick block, but worth every minute of joy these blocks brought to the receiver of the gift.

Glass gift blocks light up and are presented with beautiful ribbon that make people light up with delight.  I like to tailor the ribbons on my gift blocks to the personality of the receiver through color and pattern.   These wonderful gift blocks can also be used for party invitations, valentine’s day, breast cancer survivors gifts, anniversaries, and birthday gifts to that special someone.  Just add a touch of imagination to these wonderful clear Deco gift Blocks, and it can be beautiful for any special occasion.

The solid glass deco gift blocks features a 4 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ oval opening with clear plastic cover. The elongated cover also has a smaller, round 1 5/16″ hole with a clear, flexible plug with key hole in the center that will allow you to easily transform your glass gift blocks into a decorative light without cutting or drilling into the glass.

Deco Block

I no longer have to drill the hole because Deco Block has done it for you!  Deco Block has placed a 4 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ oval opening with a clear plastic cover into the gift block.  It has a smaller round 1 5/16″ clear flexible plug with a key hole you simply place the plug into and bam, your block is ready to decorate.  You can purchase them at Hobby Lobby all season long.  Lowe’s and Home Depot both carry these blocks during the holiday season.  I purchase my ribbon from Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Joann’s (look for after Christmas sales for great savings).  You can find the lights at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joann or Big Lots, as they always carry the smaller strings.

Now let’s get started putting your gift block together 🙂

First, gather all the items you need. Then open the gift  block and insert a string of 20 mini lights into the block, and snap the plastic piece with the key hole plug onto the block securing the lights inside.

Things you need to create block   Insert Lights

Next, plug in the lights.  Viewing the block lit while putting on the ribbon helps you figure out where the best place is to set the bow.  I wrap a good amount around the block so I have enough ribbon to complete a package tie, and cut the ends of the ribbon into a V shape.

Wrapping your gift block

Then I start to create the bow.  I fold the ribbon around into an oval shape six times, all going the same direction.  I make my own bows because I love them very full, and you can never find a store bought bow to match your ribbon. Cut two slits, one on each side of the bow at the diagonal and pull wire through the cuts and twist to pinch the bow together. Fold the bow into half and tighten with wire or ribbon to the tied package  gift block. Cut the ends of the ribbon in a V shape.

Creating Bow Step 1

Now, pull out each bow loop until you have a full ribbon.

Pulling Ribbon to form bow

Hot glue beautiful ornaments or piece you love into the center of the bow.  This gives the present that little something, something that makes it stand out. 😉

Hot glue on Pretty things

Now your gift block is complete!

Completed gift block

Wasn’t that simple?  I love making these blocks.  They are always a big hit, and people will light them up year after year and think of the person who gave them the gift block.

Well, that’s our post for today – Hope you enjoy making your gift block!  Thanks for stopping by Hello I Live Here – Please feel free to Pin, tweet, or share our gift block on Facebook with your friends and family.

Linda 🙂