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DIY Shutter Towel Rack

DIY Towel Racks

DIY Shutter Towel Rack

In our upstairs bathroom, which is primarily used as a guest bathroom or when my other daughter comes home for a weekend visit, I needed to come up with a functional yet decorative way to keep bath towels in the bathroom because the space doesn’t have a lot of storage.  I decided I would make a piece that could be displayed as a wall hanging, but it would also double as a towel rack for my daughter or our guests.  After a few hours of thinking up designs, I had it..I would make a DIY Shutter towel rack!

Here are the items you will need to make this functional DIY Shutter Towel Rack wall hanging for your bathroom:

–          House Shutters

–          Spray paint

–          8 big gardening hooks

–          Screw driver

–          Screws

–          Drill

–          2 pieces of 1X2

–          Nuts and bolts

–          Level

Want to make it?  Here are the steps:

1.   Spray paint the shutters (I found two old plastic ones at a garage sale) before you do anything, this will get all of the surfaces covered so there is no white showing through on your finished product.  I used Rust-Oleum® Universal Paint and Primer in One in a Hammered Brown.  I find that you may pay a little more for it, but it has a texture to it and it also sticks to any surface.

DIY Shutter Towel Rack DIY Shutter Towel Rack DIY Shutter Towel Rack - Painted

2.   Take the two painted shutters after they are dry and flip them over so the front is laying on your work surface.  Clip the two shutters with a clamp and the 1X2 and drill four holes in the wood and shutters and fasten them together with the nuts and bolts.

Connecting the two shutters
Connecting the two shutters

3.   After the shutters are secured together flip them over so you can start putting on the hooks.  On the thick molding of the shutters place one hook on each side then, on the other shutter stagger where you put the other hooks so they aren’t right next to the hooks you just drilled in.  Keep doing this until you have four sets of hooks with two hooks on each molding.  Drill in the hooks after you have the hooks evenly spaced from one another.

Attach plant hangers to the shutters
Attach plant hangers to the shutters

4.   Take the finished DIY Shutter Towel Rack into the bathroom you are going to hang it in and measure where you want to drill holes to hang the piece.  After measuring and making sure the piece will be level, drill the holes into the wall and place screws or hooks into the holes so the piece can be hung.

DIY Shutter Towel Rack
DIY Shutter Towel Rack

5.   Place your rolled up towels into the hooks and enjoy your functional but decorative new DIY Shutter Towel Rack !

DIY Shutter Towel Rack
DIY Shutter Towel Rack

Enjoy your DIY Shutter Towel Rack – Have a great Friday and happy crafting!



Chic DIY Ottoman from this Old Coffee Table

Make a chic DIY ottoman from your old coffee table; Bringing new life to old pieces

Turning something old and un-functional into something new and usable is a great way to recycle some old pieces that you may have laying around your house or at your local thrift shop.  The best part: you can turn them into anything you want!  My daughter, who moved back in with my husband and I after switching colleges is saving up money to move into her first apartment after graduation so we are beginning to make pieces for her new place.  The best part about this chic DIY Ottoman project is that there are no rules, you can do whatever you’d like.  Here are the basics of what you will need.

-Old coffee table (square, rectangle, or circle)
-Furniture cushion 3-4 inches thick (this can be bought at the craft store or even your local Lowes)
-Mod Podge (or some other adhesive) –
-2 yards of fabric of your choice
-Staple gun
-Decorative nail heads
-Paint of your color choice
-Hot glue gun and glue sticks
-Cambric fabric

Here are the steps you will need to take to turn an old coffee table into a chic DIY ottoman:

1.   Paint the coffee table the color of your choice, this will bring new life to a boring old piece so you can make it your style.

Coffee Table Step 1
Step 1: Paint the Coffee Table

2.   After the table is dry, lay the furniture cushion on top of the table and trim the cushion so the top is covered in the cushion. (We already had our cushion glued on before we painted)

3.   Glue the cushion down to the table top.

4.   Place the fabric over the glued down cushion to make sure it is centered the way you want if there is a pattern.  Then life up a corner at a time and spray Mod Podge glue over the cushion in that are and smooth it out.  Make sure to do this on all sides so the fabric doesn’t move around.

Coffee Table and Foam
Step 4a: Spray adhesive on foam
Coffee Table with Fabric and Foam
Step 4b: Smooth fabric on adheased foam

5.   Once it is placed the way you like shoot a couple of staples into the underneath of the table to hold the fabric into place.

Coffee Table with Fabric
Step 5: Staple fabric in place

Flip the table over so the fabric is on the counter (make sure the counter is covered with a clean sheet or covering so the fabric doesn’t get dirty) and begin stapling the rest of the fabric to the bottom of the table.

Attach Fabric to Coffee Table
Step 5b: Staple fabric to coffee table

6.   After the fabric is all stapled to the bottom place the cambric fabric over the whole bottom of the table and glue it down with the hot glue so the underneath will have a finished look.  (If you aren’t familiar with cambric fabric it is usually seen on the underneath of upholstered furniture as a finishing.)

Attach cambric fabric to ottoman
Step 6: Attach cambric fabric to ottoman

7.   Once the cambric fabric is glued down flip over the table so it is standing on its legs.  Hammer in the decorative nail heads around the side. We used a nail head roll where you only put in nail head every few inches but the whole thing will look like it has nail heads around the whole piece.

Attach decorative nail heads to ottoman
Step 7: Attach decorative nail heads to ottoman

8.   Place in front of the couch and enjoy your new DIY ottoman!

Your finished chic DIY ottoman
Step 8: Enjoy your chic DIY ottoman

This whole project took my daughter and I about two hours to complete and we spent less than $60.  A new ottoman of this size can cost you upwards of $300, making your savings around $240.  So, what is stopping you from creating your own chic DIY ottoman!

I hope you enjoyed this how to!

Happy Thursday!

-LC & CC

Wine Cabinet … Yes Please!

wine cabinet custom built for charity

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Today I am going to share a wine cabinet project with you that I built with the help of some plans from Ana White.  Ana is the author of the book “The Handbuilt Home” and has a blog site where you can go to get free plans to help you create wonderful custom pieces of hand built furniture.  If you love to woodwork, (and I do), then Ana’s site is a must save on your computer’s favorite bar!  🙂  I bring this site up today, because we at Hello…I Live Here carved out a weekend to create a custom wine cabinet we will be donating to a local children’s charity here in St Peter’s, MO, United Services for  Children, in St Peter’s, MO.  Curt and I were honored to have been asked by Diane Regelsperger Wolferding, Resource Development Director for the service to donate one of our beautiful creations.  So, I hopped on over to Ana’s site and found a plan I could alter for this little gem.  This lovely wine cabinet was created from the SHANTY OPEN SHELF CONSOLE, which was designed for the Shanty sisters at Shanty-2-Chic blog site.  We altered the plan to make it a wine cabinet which came out spectacular!  We hope the piece brings great things for United Services for  Children.  If your local here in St Louis, the event is the Viva La Fiesta @ Ameristar Casino, St Charles, MO. Saturday, August 17, 2013.  Place your silent auction bid on line!  Great day everyone, and don’t forget to take some time out of your schedule to donate a creation to your favorite charity!

wine cabinet custom built for charity
custom built wine cabinet

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