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DIY Storage Bench

DIY Storage and Bench

DIY Storage Bench from old Dresser – Part II

Hi everyone!  Last night we left part one of our post showing you the old dresser we would take to a new DIY Storage Bench.  Well tonight we will show you part II – planking the back of our dresser to prep for the next step.

Thrift Store Furniture Makeover

The addition of planking to the back of the dresser will help build out decor focal point for our living room.  You can purchase planking in almost any size width you like.  I bought mine from the Home Depot.  I used a combination of 4 sizes because I wanted that wow factor when I move to the next part of my project.

DIY Storage Bench

Before I cut and attached the planking I did a washed paint technique of all the grey and white paint colors we have used in our decor.

DIY Storage Bench

I simply took a couple tablespoons of each paint, added water, and wiped on each board to create the finish I wanted for my room.  Experiment to find what you like – you can even use various stains.

DIY Storage Bench

Here’s what we used:

4 –.25” x 2” x 36” Plank

4 – .25” x 2.5” x 36” Plank

4 – .25” x 3.5” x 36” plank

4 – .25” x 5.5” x 36” Plank

Ryobi Nail gun (I use battery)

.5” nails

Liquid nails – white – extra hold power

Saw (radial or miter will do the trick)


Dime for spacing

Your choice of paint or stain colors

DIY Storage Bench Now let’s get to work!

First, I mixed all my paint and set the water amount.

DIY Storage Bench

Next, I painted the planks, and wiped away the excess paint.  I did this by laying the planks on a flat surface to help avoid drips, and checking them to make sure they were the perfect color for my project.

DIY Storage Bench

After the planks dried, I cut them all too different sizes (this allows you to adjust your staggering lines so all the lines do not match up, giving that perfect overlap).

DIY Storage Bench

Then, I started installing the planks for our DIY Storage Bench with the largest to the bottom.  I added liquid nails to the back, then secured with my Ryobi Nail gun, making sure to leave expansion cracks which allows the wood to expand and contract with the room’s humidity.

DIY Storage Bench

As you finish each row you will have to cut the boards on the end where you stop to make it nice and even down each side of the DIY Storage Bench.

DIY Storage Bench

DIY Storage BenchKeep adding the plank until your project is complete.  Here’s the finish of ours 🙂

DIY Storage Bench

This one addition to this piece is going to help bring the rest of our project to life!  Tomorrow we will be completing the last portion of the DIY Storage Bench project – It’s going to be exciting to see the change of this piece and what it will bring to our room through its new design.  So meet me back here tomorrow for the final on our DIY Storage Bench.

Well, that’s the second half of our DIY Storage Bench project.  Thanks for stopping by – Hope you all have an awesome day!!

Until the final post– happy planking!!

🙂 Linda