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DIY Fancy X Desk for Entry Way

Looking for A DIY Fancy X Desk?

While waiting for other projects to be finished, I decided to take on the build of the DIY Fancy X Desk plan found on  Falling in love with the legs of this beauty was what set me into build mode.

DIY Fancy X Desk Entry Way

We have been looking for quite some time for the perfect piece for our entryway, we never dreamed it would be a hand built shortened DIY Fancy X Desk!  Our Villa has started to go to the cottage look, and since building the built in bookcase in the stairwell, it was only a natural choice.  We will be adding board and batting to the walls in the entryway soon, which will provide the most beautiful backdrop for this DIY Fancy X Desk gone entryway table.

Since we shortened the DIY Fancy X Desk from the original plan, some of the cuts were not the typical 45-degree angle, which added a couple hours onto the plan, but it was well worth it!  We also planed ever piece of wood on this project.  I love the smooth even sides and edges planning provide, not to mention the shavings we use to mix a homemade wood filler to cover the pocket holes and joined pieces of wood.  Hello I Live Here finds when you mix your own wood filler; the stain takes to the piece leave no revealed marks from the store bought wood fillers.  By planning and using the homemade wood filler, the DIY Fancy X Desk truly has a store bought look.  We also took our time to sand each piece after applying the wood filler while still damp, this helps join the piece and never leaves a mark showing where the wood was nailed or glued up.

We constructed two I base legs with the tops of the I’s out of 1×4’s and the center being 2×4’s, totaling 20″ long. We counter sunk the screws from underneath so the screws are hidden.

Hello i Live Here DIY Fancy X Desk Table Legs

Then we used 2×4’s to construct the bracing to each side, giving that X appearance.  For our DIY Fancy X Desk, this was a little tricky because we shortened the desk to 4 feet in length, which meant we had one 45 degree cut at the bottom, but the top of the brace was scribed by laying it against the top of the wood and drawing a line making the top braces 34.5″.  Tricky, but we made it happen 😉  We then used gorilla glue and our Ryobi nailer with 2″ nails to complete the look.

Hello I Live Here - DIY Fancy X Desk Table Bottom

We then added the 2×4 top and bottom board, mitered at both ends as the plan suggested for the DIY Fancy X Desk in the pictures above.  We glued and nailed with 2″ nails.

Next, we cut 4 2×4’s that were glued and nailed with 2″ nails to finish the top and bottom as the plan suggested.  One we seen the stacking of the legs, we fell in love with the DIY Fancy X Desk all over again.

Hello I Live Here DIY Fancy X Desk Table Legs

We then cut 2×4’s  – 3 1/2″ long and nailed to the bottom to provide height and foot support for the piece.  The plan called for 1×4’s but I really loved the large 2×4 to give the piece a little something more.

Hello I Live Here DIY Fancy X Desk  - Adding Feet

Cutting the planned 2×4’s to the length of our 4-foot DIY Fancy X Desk, we used our Kreg Jig to create 1 1/2″ pocket holes, and attached with 2 1/2″ Kreg screws.  We continued until we had all three length braces into place.  It was clear this was going to be a beautiful DIY Fancy X Desk for the entryway.

Hello I Live Here DIY Fancy X Desk  - Drill Kreg Holes

 Next, we added the cross braces to the back of the DIY Fancy X Desk.  This again was tricky because we shortened the desk.  We cut the bottom or the brace at a 45-degree angle, placed on the bottom and over lapped the wood on the top frame.  We marked a line to our angle fitting for our desk, and cut.

Hello I Live Here DIY Fancy X Desk  - Back Braces

Finally yet importantly, we installed the stunning wood top.  This top was made from 2×12’s.  We first planed all four sides of the wood.  Then we joined the wood together with our Kreg and PH screws of 2 1/2″ in length.  Once the wood was joined, we filled the crack on top with a batch of our homemade wood filler.  This filler was made using Gorilla Glue and wood shavings from the planned piece.  We sanded the mixture while still tacky because if you let harden all the way, the glue is too hard to sand.

Hello I Live Here DIY Fancy X Desk  - custom stain for the top

After completing all our finish work or wood filling, sanding, and cleaning down the piece, we stained the top with Rust-Oleum.  We could not find the color we wanted for the desktop so we mixed our own.  We used a combination of Dark Walnut and Kona.  Before applying the stain, we used Minwax pre-conditioner to the pine surface.  This kept the stain from blotching (sometimes pine sucks in more stain leaving uneven color). The desktop surface came out a rich dark color showing the spectacular grain of the wood.

Hello I Live Here DIY Fancy X Desk  - custom wood fillerThe bottom base was primed with a Valspar Bare wood Primer purchased from Lowe’s.  This helps seal the pinewood and keeps the wood from soaking up the Annie Sloan paint (and we all know how expensive chalk paint is – so I always prime bare wood first).  We followed the primer with Annie Sloan Old Ochre paint color.  Once dry we added our brown wax to give the piece that rich antique look of an old cottage piece.  We stood back and fell in love!  The desk was all we wanted and more.

Hello I Live Here DIY Fancy X Desk  - Annie Sloan Paint

The new entryway piece was completed with a mix of some wood we purchased (the desktop boards) and 2×4’s and 1×4’s we already had in our shop.  No matter how you price it, this piece is priceless to us!

Hello I Live Here DIY Fancy X Desk  - The finished product

Thanks for stopping by Hello I Live Here for our post tonight.  We will be adding new posts showing the board and batting and new paint color coming to the entryway soon.

– Linda