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Old Fashioned Christmas Traditions

Old Fashioned Christmas Traditions

Old Fashioned Christmas Traditions

For the first time in years I am noticing old fashioned Christmas traditions return all around me. The traditions of colors of red, green and gold, followed by rustic where ever I go.  It used to be the hustle and bustle of crowds running for sales starting as early as July.  I have always found it sorrowful that our traditional holidays were not celebrated one at a time, but that appeared to change this year.

Rustic Christmas Tree Display

Taking time to personally view all that’s happening in several malls, and shopping haunts like Dillard’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sacs, and Niemen’s I noted many were not decorated till right before thanksgiving or right after.  Even Target appeared to start later this year, and we all know how I love me some target!

Walking through the stores, you can see people are carefully choosing gifts that fit each person on their list, personal but not too expensive.  Practical gifts of clothing, or house hold goods are everywhere this season.  As I wonder through the malls, I heard many conversations amongst friends and families chatting about less expensive, homemade decorations (like this one below on Martha Stewart), and repurposed gifts being purchased. From what I could tell, the greatest gift this year will be a great dinner table filled with wonderful people to spend time with instead of large gift giving.


Is it the sign of the times?  Or is it truly people everywhere simplifying their lives?  Whichever choice, it seems to have brought a new perspective on what is important, FAMILY.  You see Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, not because of the gifts we can purchase one another, but because of the birth of Christ and the time we all get to spend together sharing our favorite old times and making new memories.

Family 2

Bloggers, you all have a hand in this revolution.  During my time watching people and over hearing conversations I hear many people mention the very blogs I have the honor of blogging with daily.  The conversations are filled with how great it is to learn how to repurpose old pieces, and the overall way you all blog DIY encouragement that empowers people to want to give DIY a try.   It’s the blogs and HGTV and DIY that have people buzzing with excitement this year.  You should all feel proud that you are the very people helping to return families everywhere to a simpler life.

Teaching people to re-purpose their old items, encouraging them to give re-purposed pieces a second look,  or just plain providing that DIY encouragement is helping to keep people where the want to be – with family 🙂  And after all isn’t this the reason we all blog?

So, my blogger friends, it’s an honor to stand beside each of you as we help the revolution of re-purpose and reusing come back to the life of homes everywhere.  The Grinch said it the best, “Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store.  Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more!”  Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Grinch 22

May you and you’re families have a blessed holiday season!

X0X0 Linda

Mirror for Under $20!

Mirror Made From Family Tree Metal Art Work

Family Tree Becomes DIY Mirror for under $20!

So…do you have a piece of art like this beautiful family tree laying around collecting dust?  We did – and we decided to make a large wall display.

Family Tree becomes a New Wall Mirror







Finding this family tree art piece in the frames area of our basement Saturday was the inspiration I needed to create a new art piece.  Working with design after design, this family tree treasure purchased sometime ago from Hobby Lobby was just he inspiration I needed.  Sometimes you fall in love with a piece and never use it.  But the little family tree kept screaming – turn me into something you will love.

Mirror Made From Family Tree Metal Art Work







With piles of left over 1×2’s from our laundry room build we purchased from Home Depot, and two .50 cent door mirrors I found at a garage sale about a month ago, the family tree found in the pile of frames was about to get a makeover! 😉

Working to come up with a design, I laid the metal family tree on to the table and started placing wood piece around the tree.  As I kept building, all the sudden I looked up at the mirrors sitting against the garage wall and knew I could turn this family tree into a large wall art project.

Left over 1x2 wood for Mirror Frame

Wood Frame for Mirror

Metal Family Tree Start to Mirror
















Laying the mirror onto the table, I built a wood frame.  Once the design came together,  I placed it under the center of the family tree and bam, new wall art!

Second Mirror Frame built







Using screws, I tightened the metal family tree to both the top and bottom frames (glass out of course) .  This left the sides open and unattractive, so I cut four blocks of 1×2 wood and filled in the edges bringing the whole piece together.

1x2 Mirror side Frame









Flipping over the art piece it still looked plain.  I added small stringer pieces to the inside of the mirrors giving a cross effect going long way, but still plain.  Not stopping there, I decided to cut smaller stringers (six of them) adding 12″ apart down both sides of the center stringer to get a window effect.  Now it looked finished!

Second Mirror Frame built







Once happy with the outcome, I turned over the mirror frame and routed out a grove on each the top and bottom mirror frame areas allowing the  mirrors to sit evenly.  Before I placed the mirror into the frame, I made sure to paint the frame with Rust-Olem Oil Rubbed Metallic Bronze Paint from Home Depot (I have always found this paint in a spray but never a brush on- Imagine my excitement to come across this find).

Unfinished Wood Mirror

Completed Mirror Frame







After painting the mirror frame, I let the mirror frame dry over night.  The following morning standing the mirror frame up, the wood appeared to look more metal just like the family tree in the center – how exciting!  Now the mirrors were mounted using small mirror mounts in back and an extra bead of caulking (clear is best) to make sure there is no mirror movement after you hang it on the wall.

Frame Painted with Oil Rubbed Bronze Rustoleum








To complete the project, I have on order four black and white family pictures we love.  When they arrive they will go into the smaller openings in the middle to the left and right side of the mirror frame . Then my mirror will be  complete!

Completed Mirror Frame







This project took one day with the overnight drying of the paint.  The cost of the mirror art project you ask?  We had the metal art in our decor section of the basement (the old tag $9.99), the mirrors were a garage sale find  at .50 cents each, and the paint roughly $8 from Home Depot.  The wood was left from our other project, so the cost was nothing.  Birthing a new art-mirror piece  for under $20 – representing both sides of our family – PRICELESS!

Mirror Made From Family Tree Metal Art Work

Family Tree becomes a New Wall Mirror







If you look closely at the family tree and leaves you can see my favorite part of this art piece, the initials of both sides of mine and Curt’s families.  Each time a new child is born, we will add their initials to the tree, watching our families grow.  There is nothing like family – showing that statement through this mighty family tree means the world to me 🙂 .

Well, that’s my post for this Thursday!  Remember, anything old can always be something new again, and this lovely Mirror Family Tree more than proves that – Happy art work Thursday everyone! 🙂