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Barnwood Inspired Distressed Wood Wall

Barnwood Inspired Distressed Wood Wall

Restyle Junkie Artisan Barn Inspired Wood

HELLO everyone – today we are going to show you how to do a Barnwood inspired distressed wood wall. We teamed up with Restyle Junkie’s, Rachel Trimble, who uses an artisan process to create a wood that looks like 100 year old Barnwood, but …it’s new pine wood! You can follow both Restyle Junkie and Hello I Live Here on Pinterest, and Instagram, Facebook, to see other projects we both create – but for today, let’s talk barnwood inspired distressed wood wall – shall we? Re

We stumbled upon Restyle Junkie at the last Home & Garden Show here in Phoenix. Being new to the area, it was so awesome to find Rachel’s team, why – because I was in the market for some new home décor style! Sadly we just missed meeting Rachel. On my way home I received a Facebook Message – stating “come back to our booth – I really want to meet you!” 🙂 Little did I know she has followed Hello I Live Here for some time. From there a friendship formed.  We had previously used Barnwood like wood on a table sometime ago, and liked the look so decided to do something different.

Restyle Junkie shop

Curt and I went out to Rachel’s shop on an invite to see how and what she did here in the Phoenix, Arizona area (see info on how to find her at the end of the post). We started talking, she showed us her shop, and we noticed this delicious barnwood inspired distressed wood wall displayed in her shop – Sorry, but I could not say anything but — I am in LOVE with this barnwood look!

Restyle Junkie Artisan Barnwood Wall

She was so gracious, she gave us some samples to take home.

Sample Artisan Barnwood

My initial inspiration was to build some picture frames using her beautiful distressed wood. However, once I got home, that quickly changed to building an entire feature wall. It was so kind of Rachel to sponsor our post. So, now that the story is out there – Let’s show you the story of the barnwood inspired distressed wood wall.

Tools Needed:

Nail Gun – We used Ryobi Airstrike Cordless Brad Nailer

Drill/Driver – We use Ryobi – if you install plywood – you need to screw to the wall

Tape measure

Compound Miter Saw – We use a Ridgid compound miter saw

Jig Saw – Cutting round angles near the chandelier opening – We use Ryobi

Table Saw – Ours is Craftsman – because we love it!

Ladder – We use Little Giant or a 3 Stair Step ladder

2″ nailes – Porter cable

Mallet – Because sometimes you just need it

Barnwood (measure your area and order from Restyle Junkie)

How to install Artisan Barnwood

Restyle Junkie’s process uses an amazing machine that includes a 24″ drum sander encompassed with a wire brush attachment to convert brand new pine wood into fantastic looking barnwood inspired distressed wood. The wire brush removes the soft wood, leaving a textured finish. Then Restyle Junkie finishes the new old wood with a combination of stain and paint for a completely reclaimed vibe. Can you dig it! This barnwood inspired distressed wood wall in our home is an eye popper for sure!  (click link to watch video)

Installing up wall to build it

Rachel states, “the distressed wood has all of the character of 150 year old barn wood, without the exposure to the elements. There are no bugs, chemicals or barn dirt embedded within it. Because it is actually freshly cleaned artisan wood, it is trued up and more even than older wood, making it easier to build furniture and other projects.” Just look at how delicious our wall is!

Staggering and finishing wood

Restyle Junkie sells the wood by the linear foot and it can be finished in any color that their customer selects, which in our book is a win, win – look at how spectacular the wood matches my home theme!  Rachel nailed it with just a picture! Amazing – truly amazing!  We loved it so much – we took it up high – right to our trey ceiling!

Installing Barnwood ceiling

If you cannot decide on a color, the wood can be picked up raw, with the texture added, ready for you to work your own magic on. Could you ask for easier? Our entry way is truly one of a kind with loads of old time character.

Barnwood Distressed Walls

Though harder woods than pine were tested in the machine by Rachel of Restyle Junkie, she found the softer the wood, the more naturally weathered the board looks, which is where the wood artisan appeal comes in.  Don’t you just love the results???

Results Barnwood Distressed Walls/Ceiling

Building the barnwood inspired distressed wood wall was fun, but Restyle Junkie provided us these great tips when we started installing our wall, which I will share with you!

Tips for putting up a Barnwood Inspired Distressed Wood Wall:

  1. Always know where you studs are and mark them beforehand with a pencil or chalk.

TIP: If you have wood studs than you can shoot directly into the stud with your nail gun. If you have metal wall studs you will want to install 3/8″ plywood before the wood planks.

  1. The “seams” should always line up with a stud.

TIP: Studs are 24″ inches apart in most homes, so it is a great guideline in mapping out your pattern.

  1. Even with brand new wood there will be a little bit of unevenness in the wood which will create small gaps. You can either paint the background black before you install the wood, or you can fill in the few little gaps you see with a black sharpie after the wood is up. It will make the gaps look like shadows and you will barely notice them.
  1. Your wall will look best with a repeated pattern, repeated every 3 to 4 rows.

TIP: If you have trouble visualizing your pattern, the best thing you can do is make it out with a yard stick before your first cut.  Mark you studs vertically and then tick off the lengths of the board horizontally and you will see your wall come alive!

  1. Remember that 6 inch wood is really on 5.75″ wide and likewise 8 inch wood is only 7.75″. Order accordingly for an extra row or two.
  1. Other ideas for the textured wood:
  • Rustic sign in board
  • Add your favorite hooks to a plank for a charming book bag holder
  • Weathered shelving
  • Feature wall
  • Frames
  • Headboard & Much more.

The list of how you can use this beautiful artisan wood is endless. Why did Hello I Live Here choose this wood? We love the look and feel of barnwood inspired distressed wood, but our family is so allergy infested, we decided to find a wood that had no additives that would upset our allergies. This barnwood inspired distressed wood wall just worked for us – Finding Rachel and Restyle Junkie at the Phoenix Home and Garden Show was a treasure all in its own. Our entry way wall and ceiling never had so much character thanks to the barnwood inspired distressed wood wall.

Barnwood Inspired Distressed Wood Wall

Supplied by Rachel at Restyle Junkie! Want this wood for your home? You can get it at Restyle Junkie at 625 W Deer Valley road – Suite 108, Phoenix AZ – 85027. Be sure to follow myself and Rachel on Facebook, Instagram and our daily blogs – you won’t want to miss all the great products HELLO I LIVE HERE has found for our HELLO Family members this year!

Barnwood Distressed Walls Results Barnwood Distressed Walls/Ceiling Barnwood Inspired Distressed Wood Wall

Until next post!

XOXO – Linda


Large Black and White Photo – Nathan Frank Band Stand on Pagoda Island – St Louis

Candles, white planters, Angel, Heart, start decor – from HomeGoods and TJMaxx

Entry Table – pained and distressed by – HELLO I LIVE HERE Painted/Custom Furniture Pieces – Chandler AZ

Chandelier – The Home Depot

Silver and Gold Circle Wall Art – Kirkland’s

Basket under Table – HomeGoods

Tile Flooring – Arizona Tile – contractor to Cal Atlantic Homes

Clavos on Door – from black smith booth at Merchant Square Antiques Chandler

Wall Paint Color – Keratin By Sherwin Williams (Freeze Color – Sherwin bought them)

Disclaimer:  The artisan barnwood in our post was supplied to us at no charge by Restyle Junkie.  Even though we received the wood for free, our post is non-bias as we truly believe in bringing quality products to our readers.  Install instructions were for our project – your project may be different. If you have questions, please contact Restyle Junkie.

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood with Chic Bedding and More

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with chic bedding)

Introduction from Linda and Hello I Live Here

Today we have a guest post with Kathy Joe from Across the Pond and Yorkshire Linen Co  as they share 10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood with Chic Bedding and More.  We love to do guest posts that inspire our readers to not fear change and add a punch of color into their lives.  We are sending Kathy Joe a big Hello from the Hello I Live Here family and thank you for sharing your tips and Yorkshire Linen Co. with our readers to help them achieve an awesome new bedroom look 🙂 

Enjoy the article everyone – Linda


A big hello to everyone! I am Kathy Joe and I crave for good home decoration. It makes things more ravishing. I am so thankful to Linda for letting me be here today. I would love it if you came here and said Hi.

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with Chic bedding and more)

If your bedroom is starting to feel drab and unexciting it is perhaps time to revamp your d’ecor and give your room a burst of freshness – change that with 10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with chic bedding and more) . Here is how you can change the mood and feel of your bedroom without spending too much money.

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with chic bedding and more)

1 Musical Chairs?

Rearrange your bedroom furniture, trying out several different looks until you achieve a layout that you are happy with. You will be surprised at how dramatically different your bedroom can look with the same furniture and accessories moved around, especially if you have only ever had your furniture in one arrangement.

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with chic bedding and more)

2 Heap of Cushions

Add a zany and cheerful pile of cushions to your bedroom, on the bed or even stacked on the floor as a kind of informal floor mat. Choose cushion covers that match or harmonies with your bedding to achieve the best, well-put-together effect that you can. For getting a hold of irresistible cushions, my top favorite spot is Yorkshire Linen Co.

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with chic bedding and more)

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with chic bedding and more)

3 Color Scheme

Choose your décor colours and implement them throughout the bedroom. Pick out several bedding sets that play out this color scheme and refresh them often to keep the décor looking fresh and new. (Plus, there is nothing quite like the feeling of slipping between crisp, clean new sheets!)

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with chic bedding and more)

4 Décor Theme Bedding

There is a wealth of variety in the fabric world, thanks to modern techniques and methods and you will be easily able to find the perfect bedding for your needs and desires, from tiger photographs to fantasy landscapes and just about everything else in between! Choose bedding that appeals to you as you will be the one who sees and uses it the most, and buy two or three different sets so that you can change the emphasis and mood in your room simply by changing your bed linen!

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with chic bedding and more)

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with chic bedding and more)

5 Pattern it Up

Invest in some fun and funky wall and furniture decals with which to adorn your bedroom. If you choose, for example, animal print stickers, why not invest in a chic animal print bedding set to help pull your décor together and enhance the focal point that is automatically created by the bed? If you have, as advised above, several different bedding sets, then you can choose stickers and decals that pick out one or two of the main colors of each set; thereby ensuring that your décor always looks good. For extra ordinary wall art options, my personal favorite is Graham & Brown.

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with chic bedding and more)

6 Message From You

Spread the word in your bedroom, by putting up a chalkboard or wipe-board on which you can jot yourself positive and affirming sayings, adages and reminders. It is even possible to find bedding that features such messages and with so much positivity around you, you cannot fail to feel pumped and ready to take on the world!

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with chic bedding and more)

7 Pop Out!

A pop of bright colour always serves to lighten the room of a bedroom. If you love bright colours but can only handle one at a time in your décor , why not get several different but still cheerful bedding all each featuring a pop of one of your favorite shades? In this way you can completely transform the room quickly and easily whenever you feel like a change. Include bright in accessories like cushions, pictures or photographs so as to carry the colour throughout the whole room.

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with chic bedding and more)

8 Window Dressing

Your curtains brighten the room and can enhance the décor scheme. For a complete and polished look, choose curtains that exactly match your bedding to make the whole room look properly finished.

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with chic bedding and more)

9 Cast a Cheerful Light

The addition of a coloured lamp shade can literally cast a different shade over your room! Soft pink or peach is especially flattering to human skin, while blue or yellow can make us look ill, so do bear that in mind before simply buying a shade in your favorite hue! Make sure that you can layer the light in your bedroom, with bright overhead lights for work and tidying and softer, kindlier lights for getting ready to sleep.

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with chic bedding and more)

10 Place for Everything

This cannot be emphasized enough – have a place for everything that you want to keep in your room. Once everything is neatly put away, the bedroom will look tidy and welcoming, but if there are features that do not obviously belong there you risk making the room look cluttered and messy. Likewise, always make your bed in the morning, as a crumpled unmade bed does not enhance the décor – no matter what 🙂

10 Ways to Pump up Your Mood (with chic bedding and more)

That’s our guest post article from Kathy Joe at Yorkshire Linen.  So what did you think?  Make sure you stop past Kathy Joe’s facebook page and leave her a message :-).  Want to change your room – make sure you visit their site by clicking here.  Until next post – have an awesome day everyone.


Clock End Table Makeover

Clock End Table Makeover

Clock End Table Makeover

Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection

A great big HELLO everyone as we share with you our clock end table makeover completed with Modern Masters Paints Metallic Collection.

Modern masters PaintsWell, let me give you some back ground on this ugly little table moving to the villa the table’s top was damaged.  I loved the base, but hated what happened to the top, that was now peeling, looked awful and the glass was all broken when we unwrapped her.

Clock End Table Makeover

Looking past what happened, because – well – stuff happens – it was my goal to take the base, beautiful iron legs and make it  something new – and you all know how crazy I am about clocks ;-).

Clock End Table Makeover

Hubby kept saying “toss it out” however, I could not let it go – a total – Hello my name is Linda and I have a junk collection problem (I hear your voices now saying “welcome Linda!” LOL).

Clock End Table Makeover

When rearrange the shop the other day for a new delivery of finds, I pulled out the broken table and finally told hubby it was this broken tables lucky day.  I sat up the base, walked around it, walked away from it, had lunch, walked out the door into the shop and it hit me…wouldn’t this be an awesome clock, hence – clock end table makeover!

Clock End Table Makeover

Clock End Table Makeover

Well, not having a clock that size, I had to do some recon work.  I bought one – too small, had one, would fit in the old ring, but did not scream clock end table makeover.  So over coffee, I was posting and reading, reading and posting, and bam an ad from my favorite store Hobby Lobby popped up.  My eyes bugged and I could not believe what I saw, 50% off all clocks in stock (even more on the sale racks).  It was happening and this was the sign that this clock end table makeover was going down.

Clock End Table Makeover

I finished posting for my Facebook readers, and I ran to get dolled up (real clothing instead of my scrub set full of paint and saw dust 😉 ) and I blazed out the door with my feet on fire as hubby just shook his head.  I walked into Hobby Lobby and it was like the angels were singing (and we know angels do sing in Hobby Lobby – or is that just me being too loud) ;-). As I looked up, there it stood – just waiting for me to snatch it right off the shelf (the sale shelf that is) – we will not discuss price on this one, well, because hubby is reading and we need to keep a few secretes – right 😉 – but I promise what I paid was worth it.

Clock End Table Makeover

Into the cart it went with several other items and off for home.  I sprang from the car grabbed the clock and sat it on top of the base and bam, it was a true fit, and only eyeballed it in the store! It was made for the base and it was saved by a 50% off Hobby Lobby trip!  Gleaming with delight – I got to work.  Here’s what I did.

I careful laid the clock onto the work table with a blanket under it.  Then I marked the holes from the base where I would attach the clock, and I drilled the holes using my Ryobi 18V drill driver and inserted mollies to make sure of the hold. I sat the clock aside to attach later (Ryobi is sold exclusively at the Home Depot or check out Ryobi Nation.)

Clock End Table Makeover

The metal part of the base was repainted with Modern Masters Paint – Black Pearl, from Reineke Decorating Center in Des Peres, Mo on Manchester, and letting it dry according to directions. (It was last minute I purchased this color – if I would have known I need this color, I would have asked to have it shipped – but I was glad they had a retailer close by).

Clock End Table Makeover

The colors you see on the wood base is flat black and a mix of others from the oopsy paint from Behr and the Home Depot, added some dark brown to lighten the cream color and pulled it all together using an awesome paint by Modern Masters Paints.

Modern Masters Paints

Oh, Do you know about Modern Masters?  Modern Masters Paints are come in awesome colors, and they partnered with us to create the effects you see on the table by sending us their Metallic Paint collections Champagne and warm silver that matched up our process perfectly.  When it comes to choosing a metallic paint for a do-it-yourself project, high-end decorative finish or special project like our Clock End Table Makeover, Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection™ has you covered!

Clock End Table Makeover

Their focus on metallic finishes has made them the world leader in water base metallic paints. Their Metallic Paint Collection products are available in over 4,000 paint retailers in 25 countries around the world.  Want to try it?  You can find a retailer by clicking here or order online for fast awesome service like we did.

Clock End Table Makeover

Modern Masters Paints are defiantly anything but ordinary.  Just look at our awesome table – can you see how the Metallic Paint Collections helped the iron and bases come to life?  This paint is dreamy and makes your work swoon worthy.

Clock End Table Makeover

Clock End Table Makeover

Check out Modern Masters Paints blog – they have wonderful photos of projects from loads of bloggers and paint experts who totally agree with me :-).  Can you believe hubby told me to toss this beauty!!!  This little table is a total swoon – don’t you think so?

Clock End Table Makeover

To protect the clock, I added a 30” Pier One Glass top (temper proof of course), then stood back and watched it glow – the Clock End Table Makeover is complete and ready to show off.

Clock End Table Makeover

Isn’t it lovely? – Well you know me, I think they are all beautiful being partial and all 😉 – But with this one I love walking around it watch how the Metallic paints from Modern Masters Paints helps it shine 🙂

Clock End Table Makeover

Thank you Modern Master Paints for partnering with us on this one.  Know I will be showing off a couple other projects this week using this paint again, so stay tune.

Clock End Table Makeover

If you have any questions we can answer for you or need some ideas using Modern Masters Paints, click the links above and you will have all the information you need to choose your paint colors, and how to use it best for your project.  If I can help answer your questions, please leave me a comment below and let’s get that discussion started!

Clock End Table Makeover

We hope you enjoyed seeing how we completed our Clock End Table Makeover.  Until next post – we leave you with photos and ways to find us on some other pretty great sites like Pinterest, MM Paints – Pinterest  Hometalk, Bob Vila Nation.  You can also follow us through our projects we post to Instagram and twitter all day why they are being completed.

Clock End Table Makeover

Also, thank you all for the wonderful 28th wedding anniversary wishes.  Hubby and I had a blast of a weekend away – I want to personally thank Corrina and Crysta for keeping you guys in photos why I was away – I will have to step up my game 😉

Thanks for stopping by everyone!  And make sure you order your Modern Masters Paints!!!

Clock End Table Makeover



🙂 Linda

How to Make Trivets

How to Make Trivets

How to Make Trivets

Hello everyone – Happy Thursday 🙂 Let’s talk about how to make trivets.

How to Make Trivets

When serving hot dishes, these little hunks of iron, can be both functional and pretty.  You can use them for the hot pot, or as a decorative feature on a side table like we did.  Trivets are functional kitchen items that can protect your dining table, or your expensive kitchen counters!

Today, I decided to use up some more scrap wood and make a quick project where I could show you how to make trivets. Yesterday, our DIY Picture Frame was made from the same scrap wood pile, and featured on Bob Vila Nation.  We always find it a great thing when you can use up scraps and make something functional at the same time. 🙂

DIY Picture Frame by Hello I Live Here

We simple took a small piece of wood, 3/4″ PureBond furniture grade scrap that was already the perfect size and shape. We added some of our left over planking from our DIY Bench project and attached after trimming the wood with our Ryobi Miter Saw, and using our Ryobi nail gun, and Titebond wood glue.  We added a small piece of left over square scrap to the inside, the added a left over piece of decorative molding from the Home Depot around the outside cutting on 45 degree angels.

How to Make Trivets

Hello I Live Here - attaching brace

Using Annie Sloan Chalk paint in, Old White, French Linen, and Versailles complementing each other in a stripped pattern, followed by the old white on the outside ring.  I then added three decorative iron keys I purchased for $3.00 each when I visited the Bug Store on one of our Hello I Live Here field trips.

Annie Sloan paint

Look at this great piece?  It’s pretty stunning if I do say so myself 😉  Functional, fun, and beautiful piece of art all at once.  But the best thing, we made this project completely from scraps and I got to use the keys I bought over 3 months ago!  How great is that 🙂

How to Make Trivets

How to Make Trivets

How to Make Trivets

I hope you enjoyed our post tonight on how to make trivets.  Thanks for stopping by Hello I Live Here – We love when you visit and Leave us comments.  See ya next post!

Linda 🙂

How to Install a Trash compactor

How to Install a Trash Compactor

How to Install a Trash Compactor

Hello readers!  Today’s post, Hello I Live Here shows you how to install a trash compactor.  I have waited to get this one appliance back for quite some time.  Because our kitchen is on the smaller side, 10′ x 10′  – yep you read that right – I wanted to make sure I could part with the cabinet space before installing the trash compactor appliance.

How to Install a Trash Compactor

Finding I could not live without it, I took the reins and ordered a Sears Kenmore Trash compactor.  Needless to say, today’s post is all about how to install a trash compactor.  Hubby was surprised when he opened the door to see Sears Home Delivery today :-).  Yep, he quickly moved from working on a table, to help install a trash compactor.  Jumping from one project to another – that’s how we roll over here at Hello I Live Here ;-).  It’s all in the frantic life of Linda!

When we first moved into the Villa, I built a recycling center with the help of plans from the great Ana White that we retro fitted to our own needs to provide basket storage as well.  The best thing, this center worked to keep that unsightly can of trash covered.  Pee U!!! I hate looking at trash.  Now that I find we can live without that space, I decide today was the day.  Calling Sears just yesterday, I plead my case, told them I blog, and bam a trash compactor arrived the next morning (paid for by us of course, but Sears was great to give us free delivery).

Here’s are our steps for how to install a trash compactor:

We started by removing the drawers, doors and face frames from the existing kitchen cabinet.  The left kitchen cabinet opening was going to be replaced with the trash compactor, but the right kitchen cabinet was going to be reused.  So, we took great care not to break the kitchen cabinet face frames.

How to Install a Trash Compactor

Next, we cut out the bottom of the kitchen cabinet and the shelf inside.  We measured 15 ¼ inches inward, the width of the trash compactor, and used our skill saw to make room for the trash compactor.

How to Install a Trash Compactor

Before we went further with our install, we did a dry fit to make sure the trash compactor fit the space we cut – and it did – like a glove!  Since the right kitchen cabinet bottom shelf was unsupported, we added a 1 x 5” pine board to the bottom of the floor area.  We secured the pine board to the shelf using our Ryobi nail gun with 2” brad nails to secure the board to the underside and back of the cabinet for stability to the newly cut shelf.

How to Install a Trash Compactor

The next step in how to install a trash compactor was to add the side panel back to the cabinet.  This would create a kitchen cabinet space separated from the trash compactor. To ensure an exact fit, we cut our kitchen cabinet side panel 35” from floor to under counter.  Then we slid the side panel into place and used a pencil to draw a line atop the bottom cabinet.  This indicated where we wanted to cut our side panel.  Next, we drew a pencil line to mark the top kitchen cabinet shelf.  This pencil mark would define where we would router for the top cabinet shelf to slide into place.  This process provided stability to both the top and lower kitchen cabinet shelf area.  Strong as an ox! 😉 The way it should be.

How to Install a Trash Compactor

Then we had the electrician put in an electrical outlet.  We don’t like doing this part so we went to lunch and let them go at it. When we returned the electrical was complete.  Next we plugged in the trash compactor and slid it into place. The final step was to add the face frames we removed earlier.  We had to do trim the vertical center kitchen cabinet frames, but the horizontal frames fit perfectly.

How to Install a Trash Compactor

The final steps for how to install a trash compactor was to replace the kitchen cabinet door and drawer we originally removed.   compactor.

How to Install a Trash Compactor

That’s all there was to how to install a trash compactor!  Not so bad was it?

How to Install a Trash Compactor

Our next DIY Project is special kitchen storage that we partnered with D. Lawless Hardware – I think you will all be excited about this storage and the surprise of where we are installing this handy storage.  So make sure you stop by and see the post.

D Lawless Hardware

Thanks for stopping by Hello I Live Here – Until tomorrow –

Linda 🙂

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