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DIY Magazine Holder

DIY Magazine Holder

Do you need a DIY magazine holder?

We built a simple DIY magazine holder to keep that reading material secured.  This project was completed using scrap wood from our shop pile.  This DIY magazine holder project took about 45 min.

DIY Magazine Holder

First, we measured our DIY magazine holder to the length and width of the tallest/widest magazine we subscribe too (House Beautiful), and added extra space to drop the magazine into the DIY magazine holder with ease.

DIY Magazine Holder

Next we started cutting.  Cut 4-1×3’s (2-1×3’s for the sides at 20 ½ “Long, and 2-1×3’s for the top and bottom of the square at 12” Long).  We used Titebond glue and our Ryobi nail gun to secure them into a square which will form the DIY magazine holder.

DIY Magazine Holder

Then, we started to design the front DIY magazine holder.  We cut ½” flat pine scrap at 12” long for the bottom of the rack.  The next cut was a 1×2 cut 12” long for the top of the front holder to keep the magazines from falling out.  We completed the design by adding three spindles cut 6 ½” long and spaced them 2 ½” apart starting from each end, and centering the middle spindle.

DIY Magazine Holder

Finally, the back of the DIY magazine holder was constructed using a piece of bead board painted white, left over from another build.  We cut the bead board for the cover the back of the magazine holder to 20 ½” Long by 13 ¼” wide.  We attached using our Ryobi nail gun – 3/8” nails, before nailing we added a bead of Titebond wood glue for that extra holding power 😉

DIY Magazine Holder

To finish the look we added a piece of cove molding we had left in our scrap box.  We simply measured to each end (top pieces are 13 ¼” long and the sides cuts are 20 ½ Long). Cut each side of the cove at a 45 degree angle to give that finished picture frame look.

DIY Magazine Holder

Completing the project we primed and painted the frame as shown above with Annie Sloan Empress Red chalk paint, leaving the bead board white.  We choose the red color to match a barn wood frame given to us from Reclaim Renew (shown below) we wanted the two pieces to be the pop our grey and white room needed.  We hung by drilling two holes through the bead board and attached to studs in our wall.   Make sure you go over the screw heads with a little white paint so they blend into the piece.

Red Frame

This was a quick project that cost us nothing but time.  Every piece of wood in this little QT is from our scrap pile, the same scrap wood pile we made our Rustic Wood Frames and Towel/Dowel Rack projects that were featured on Bob Vila Nations.  Keeping all this extra wood is handy for small projects, and way better than tossing into the trash.

We hope you enjoyed our post today!  Check back tomorrow and see what else we can produce from this pile of scrape wood that’s slowly disappearing!

Linda 🙂

Scrap Wood Picture Frames

Frames from scrap wood

Scrap Wood Picture Frames

Taking a break from the master bath update, I decided to make scrap wood picture frames from scrap wood left over in our garage bin.  It was a great way to get some Christmas gifts started, and have a little fun while waiting for my primer to dry in the master bathroom.

I made 4 of these scrap wood picture frames in about 2 hours.  Frames are fairly easy to make and take very little time.  Stop by Lowe’s for some great frame ideas, or jump on Pinterest and see what others are doing.

I used all the left over 1×6, 1×2 and 1/4 round I had in the bins.  The cove molding and clip I purchased from Lowe’s.

First cut all your boards to 16 1/4″.

Frames from Scrap Wood - Hello I Live Here






Then Kreg the backs of two of the planks, and join the boards together using wood glue and 1 1/4″ PH Kreg screws.  I sanded the boards front and back and filled the PH with my home made wood filler that consists of planed wood shavings and wood glue mixed.  Using this product helps the stain take better than other wood fillers because it takes the stain the same color as the wood.

Steps for making Frames from Scrap Wood - Hello I Live Here




Homemade wood filler - Hello I Live Here





Next, cut your 1×2 molding for the outside of the frame.  I stood these on their sides and cut the first 45 degree angle, and then measured for the second angle using my Ryobi angle tool.  My measurements varied due to using scrap board but were around 18″ on each side after cutting the 45 degree angles.  I joined the 1×2’s to the frame boards with wood glue and 1 1/4  inch nails using my nail gun.

1x2 added to frame - hello I Live Here






Once I had those two items complete, I carefully cut the 1/4 round molding to a 45 degree angle and glued and nailed into place.  (I like to measure off each board as I am going along.  Even though you measurements were 16 1/4″ when you are using scrap wood sometimes measurements can be more or less depending how the frame wood was cut – this is the reason why I do my measurements to the cut center wood).

1/4 round inside Frame -  Hello I Live Here








Final stage, I cut the cove molding 10″ x 10″ at  45 degree angles and placed into a square pattern in the inside of each frame.  Inside the square I screwed in a small clip to hold the picture.

Cove Molding -  Hello I Live Here







I sanded my scrap wood picture frames with my Black & Decker Mouse Sander purchased from Lowe’s.  It was a whole $29.00 and was well worth the price.  Once you use it you will know why – the finish work this tiny mouse grinds down is simply beautiful.

Mouse Sander





After sanding I cleaned the piece with a tack cloth and stained with Minwax Aged Oak Stain purchased from Lowe’s.

Final Frame Steps - Hello I Live Here





After they dried I added a picture hanger to the center, added my photos and bam, new scrap wood picture frames for our family room filled with photos of those we love.

Frames from Scrap Wood - Hello I Live Here






Thanks for stopping by and reading our post.  Hope you enjoyed this fast frame project today.  I am sure my master bathroom walls are ready for that coat of paint now!  Have a wonderful Halloween and stay safe everyone while out trick or treating tonight. 🙂

🙂 Linda


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