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Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables – Love Them or Hate Them?

Why is it we are all so fascinated with Coffee Tables?

Coffee Tables

New Life from Old Trunk

Coffee Tables can make or break a room with its style of long or short, modern or ornate, as this stumpy table is designed to catch our attention.  These little tables have a big job in our homes as they work hard to entice families to gather around it, hold our drinks and our great reading materials/trinkets.  Homes around the world are filled with these fascinating little tables that bring big style to life in front of any sofa available.  The two pieces together are like Fred and Ginger dancing their way into your living space.  It is the one piece of furniture that remakes itself year after year, style after style, and can hold or store just about anything.  That one piece of furniture we always invite to stay – like our coffee table turned ottoman.

Coffee TableThere are many choices and styles, the Victorian Era, Anglo-Japanese style, Louis XVI style coffee tables and Georgian style coffee tables.  It used to be wood was the only choice for a long time for these low-slung tables and could be found in any shape or style your wanted, and the more ornate and heavy the more we fell in love with the table.  These lovely wood framed tables were found all the way back to renaissance days, and still invite your guest by being the show piece of your living space.

Coffee Table

Today’s trends bring to light more modern, wood, glass/metal choices.  We are also taking the time to make special coffee tables that represent our past loves out of recycled objects.

Mixed Tape Table

These squatty tables are a way for people to “Gather round the coffee table” by encouraging conviviality and light conversations over coffee or tea or just a great board/sports game with the people we love – like this game table found Quirky coffee Tables.

Coffee tables

So, why do we use coffee tables?  It’s simple, people love coffee tables.  These welcoming tables help us be ourselves, and help us show who we are through our coffee tables – like this beauty of iron and wood made by Hello I Live Here.

Rustic DIY Coffee Table

Heck, when we can’t find just the right coffee tables, many of us take on the task of refinishing tables from era’s past by painting, staining, and decorative finishes, or building coffee tables from recycled goods which enhance these wonderful little coffee tables lines that hold the daily stuff that gets us through life.  This one table can help hold our coffee or tea cups, books, magazines, and our small treasures we want our guests to swoon over like this claw foot done with Annie Sloan paint and wax treatments.

Coffee Tables

So, whether you love them or hate them, use them or replace them with an ottoman or other low feature, there is always something in front of our sofa that represents this beloved piece of furniture.  Here’s to the coffee tables of the world – without you, we would all be holding our own drinks or have no place for our feet – like this $3 coffee table frame turned bench!

Finished bench

Tell us, what is your coffee table style and how do you use your table?

Until tomorrows post!  Gather around your coffee table and enjoy that space!

Linda 🙂