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What does a candlestick and a clock have in common?

DIY Clock Table

Good evening everyone!  I have been so busy with the laundry room build, I have not had time to post – The good news – it’s almost done – Make sure to see the sneak peak we posted earlier today, I think you will love the finished results when we are done 😉

Tonight, I am going to answer the above question.  Earlier today, I was cleaning out our decor storage to make room for yes, more decor (after all; a girl has to have her stuff 😉 ) when an old Pottery Barn clock and a rather large iron candlestick appeared.  I pulled them out, sitting the clock on the candlestick to keep it safe while I shifted the other items.  When I turned around to move it back into storage,  it was like angels singing!  It was obvious their common theme was none other than a DIY Clock Table, a perfect upcycle project!  Dropping everything, I started designing how I would get it to stay on the candlestick, after all I always wanted a DIY Clock Table since seeing one in a magazine.

So, here’s what I did:

I ran off to Lowe’s (because who wants to clean when you can play at Lowe’s, am I right? 😉 ).  Once there I gathered the one item I did not have, Leveling Glides by Softtouch.  I brought them home and got to work.

Soft Touch Threaded Leveling Glides
Soft Touch Threaded Leveling Glides

1.  I drilled four 3/16″ holes at the 12 -3-6-9 marks on the wood frame of the clock.

Drilling holes in the Hello I Live Here Clock Table Drilling holes in the Hello I Live Here Clock Table

2.  Next, I painted the glides black to match the hands of the clock, dried, soaped the threads and screwed all four into the holes I drilled.

Drilling holes in the Hello I Live Here Clock Table

3.  Then, I routed out the back of the clock in a small but deep circle for mounting the clock on to the candle stick seen below.  I mounted it this way because the clock still works.  Mounting this way we could change the batteries located in the back of the clock.

Candlestick Table Leg for the DIY Clock Table DIY Clock Table built by Hello I Live Here

4.  I added a piece of glass from the decor area, and BAM – a new DIY Clock Table!

DIY Clock Table built by Hello I Live Here

That’s right – a sassy new DIY Clock Table out of three old items I would have never used again.  How cool is that! 😉

DIY Clock Table built by Hello I Live Here
DIY Clock Table built by Hello I Live Here

I hope you enjoy the quick post tonight and I promise, the laundry room is coming to a blog near you soon!  Have a great night everyone – happy blogging!

– LC   🙂

$3 Garage Sale Table Frame Turned Bench

$3 Garage Sale Table Frame Turned Bench

Happy Sunday everyone!  Today, we are going to share how our $3 garage sale table frame turned bench.  As you all know, our daughter is getting ready for her own place, and we are starting to put the pieces together for the big move in.  At a garage sale, we found a $3 table frame treasure!  The old metal table frame that was silver and gold, was turned to bright and beautiful!

Needs List:

-Old table frame (We found ours at a garage sale)

-Steel Wool

-Paint with Primer (any color you like)

-Clear spray sealer

-Gray Spray Paint (you can use any color you like)

-¾” Plywood 2 ft x 4 ft long (hardware store or scraps from the garage)

-Mod Podge Glue (or your favorite adhesive glue)

– 2 ft x 4 ft piece of 5 inch high density foam


– 4 sheet metal screws

-2 yards of fabric (your choice – when you go shopping don’t forget your coupon to have an even bigger savings!)

What we did:

1.   First, scratch the metal garage sale table frame with steel wool so the paint will adhere better to the slick surface. We also had plastic circles we had to pop out of our table that we also rubbed with steel wool.  We then spray painted the circles with RustoleumⓇ Paint and Primer in One in a Metallic Nickel color.


2.   After scratching up the surface we hand-painted the frame using BehrⓇ Paint and Primer in One,  in the color Hazelnut Cream (the same color we used in the ottoman project) because Crysta decided she wanted paint strokes in the piece giving that wood look.


3.   When the paint is dry, we sprayed the piece with a clear sealer so paint has a protective layer.  Then we hammered the plastic circles back into place.


4.   To create the bench top for our garage sale table frame we then cut a 2’x4’x3/4″ piece of plywood.  We had to trim about two and a half inches off so our foam and plywood matched the same dimensions.  This also gave us about a one inch overhang on each side so we could easily attach our fabric which you will see in later steps.


5.   After the wood and the foam were cut the same length, we secured the plywood bench top to the metal garage sale table frame by drilling holes in both the plywood bench top and the metal frame and attached using sheet metal screws.  With a metal frame this is important so the two pieces (the wood and the metal) have a better bond.


6.   After the plywood bench top is secured to the table frame we then glued 5 inch high density foam we purchased from Joann’s Fabric that was ½ price (we love a sale!). We used this foam to top the plywood seat, and covered that with white batting so the green foam color would not show though the fabric.


065 068

7.   Last, we added our fabulous fabric of chevron print that is grey and cream.  We purchased the fabric from one of our favorite craft stores, Hobby Lobby for $8.98 a yard (we had a whopping 40% off coupon lowering that fabric down to our price range), using 2 yards, we covered the foam and stapled under the 1” over hang.

074 077 083

With all materials the total cost of this piece was under $40! To think it all started with a $3 garage sale find.  Thanks for stopping by!