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Grr-Ripper by MICROJIG


Today I have the pleasure of sharing an exciting new American made product from MICROJIG, called GRR-Ripper GR-100. It is a 3-D pushblock for your table saw that will quickly replace your old push sticks. No more getting your fingers too close to the saw blade!GRR-Ripper by MICROJIG


Upon opening the GRR-Ripper I was instantly impressed with their packaging, simple instruction manual and accompanying DVD. You would expect nothing less from an American company. The instruction manual was extremely well done. MICROJIG provides easy to follow, color-coordinated assembly steps that took about 5 minutes complete.


The GRR-Ripper provides consistent pressure at the three critical points required to ensure safe and accurate cuts, downward, forward and lateral all simultaneously. You can’t get all three forces from any other woodworking accessory. Push sticks provide forward pressure, but not downward or lateral pressure. Push pads provide downward and forward pressure, but are too wide for narrow rip cuts. Feather boards provide later pressure but only at the start of the cut. The GRR-Ripper provides all three forces with one product.

I used the GRR-Ripper for several various cuts and was very pleased with the performance. After a few cuts, I quickly tossed my old contraptions and use the GRR-Ripper for most my cuts.

Here are a few examples:

Using the GRR-Ripper by MICROJIG to create a clean edge for jointing. By keeping the blade height below the side plate, you have no worries with getting your fingers close to the blade.

GRR-Ripper by MICROJIG edge jointing

Using the GRR-Ripper by MICROJIG to cut small pieces. I adjusted the middle foot and lowered the balance support to create a flat, stable surface for cutting. I would never have tried this cut previously.

GRR-Ripper by MICROJIG - Small cut

GRR-Ripper by MICROJIG to rip a small board in half. By adjusting the middle foot and lowering the balance support, you have a very safe cut when ripping a small board.

GRR-Ripper by MICROJIG - small cut with balance support

We thank MICROJIG for providing us the GRR-Ripper GR-100 so we can share what a great tool this really is. Visit their website, it is jam packed with instructional videos and tutorials. Then, head out to your local Lowe’s and purchase a GRR-Ripper for yourself. Better yet, get two for ripping long boards; it really helps improve your table saw safety. MICROJIG is dedicated to saving the world’s hands and helping people work smarter and we could not agree more!

Enjoy your New Year – Linda