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Thrift Store Furniture Makeover

Thrift Store Furniture Makeover

Thrift Store Furniture Makeover


Hi Everyone!  Today I have been working hard on a new project (a thrift store furniture makeover actually!), but it’s not quite ready to showcase yet.  So today’s post is going to highlight some of our past thrift store furniture makeover finds.

I love thrift store furniture makeover finds because they become something new with a little time and creativity. You just never know where you find the next treasure.  To me there is nothing better than old furniture no one else wants to deal with.  The best challenge of my day to either paint it, or turn it into something new, like our other post on our Part 1 of our china hutch re-do – (ps – the bottom is almost ready!)

To breath life into a thrift store furniture makeover piece, you simply have to have the love for DIY, a creative technique, and a few pieces that want to be loved again.  Here are a few before and after shots of some of the pieces Hello I Live Here has completed.  Each of these pieces have found new homes in and around our Ballwin area.

Here’s a desk I have been trying to date.  Since it looked old, I did some research before I said paint! Does anyone know anything about this piece that restores furniture and may be a reader?  Please let me know with a comment below.

Thrift Store Furniture MakeoverI know, I know somethings should not be painted, (remember the debates on our last post!) but if you are going to love it and unless it’s worth big bucks, then I take pride in just adding new life to these old thrift store furniture makeover pieces.  So come on, sometimes it just feels good to paint it!

Thrift Store Furniture Makeover

This dresser you see below was found at a thrift store.  It was in great shape, but no one loved the old brown style. Painting it grey and cream – gave the piece a more masculine feel – We fell in love with it and are redesigning our living area upstairs around this one piece.  I know what you are thinking – that dresser was a find – It actually was at $39.95 – I did some research on this great old piece – It’s a John A Colby furniture piece!  It turned out Sleigh Furniture made this gem – and its worth $1,400 if I return it to it’s original gleam – So someday after we are done loving the paint – we will get it restored back to it’s old days!

Thrift Store Furniture Makeover

Painting is a great way to relax, add new color to your world or just make another person happy when you send that piece into the wild.  There is nothing better than an inexpensive thrift store furniture makeover find that sports a fresh updated look.  But the best thing is it can happen with just a little color, time and creativity!

Thrift Store Furniture Makeover

The next time you’re out looking at yard sales or thrift stores, really look hard at the pieces you see.  Sometimes that little roughed up piece with a tiny bit of muscle and creativity can become a gleaming new piece for your home.

Happy thrift store furniture makeover everyone!  See you tomorrow!


New Life for an Old Set of Trunk Tables

New Life from Old Trunk

Old trunk tables get new life.

Well, we did it again!  It was our luck that we were garage selling Wednesday, and we came past this set of old trunk tables.  My husband looks at me and says, just walk away – they are not worth $50.00.  I could tell the owner just wanted to get rid of them, so I offered her $25 for the full set and to my surprise she took it!  It was quite a show watching us cram these three old trunk tables in our Chevy Malibu – the room in this trunk is no lie! Once in, we dragged them home spiders and all, unloaded and I got to work.


-Three old trunk tables ($25 for whole set garage sale)

-Burlap (Joann’s on sale for $1.99 a yard – 3 yards total)

-Mod Podge Glue

-Paint (I used black and dark cream because I already had this left over)

-Rustolem hammered bronze spray paint ($4.97 Lowe’s – used for hardware)

-2 Resin kits (Lowe’s)

-120 grit sand paper

-Black and Decker Mouse Sander

First, I opened the lid and vacuumed out the old trunk tables.  Then, I washed them out with Lysol cleaner to remove the sticky that lived there.  I let them sit and dry for a couple hours, as I eyed the pieces and imagined what they would become.  It came to me…and off to Joann’s Fabrics I went.  Because they were a trunk style, I wanted a burlap that told a story of where these old trunks may have been.  I eyed the perfect burlap of stamps from travel and fell in love!

photo (6) photo (9)

Back at home, I took my goods out of the bag and got started.  I Mod Podged the burlap to the top of the old trunk table.  I trimmed the burlap leaving a little overlap because glue does shrink it a little bit.  I then Mod Podged the top of the burlap, and left to dry.

photo (8)

While the tops were drying, I moved on to paint.  I used a rich deep wheat color paint that pulled out the burlap color and enriched the black colors.  I placed on two coats of quick dry Bear Paint which I had purchased for a previous project from Home Depot.  As the sides dried, I painted the all the trim in an Rustoleum oil based black and left to dry over night.  The colors the next day were so rich and vibrant the tables looked brand new.  I sprayed the hardware with Rustoleum  hammered bronze spray paint, and left to cure over night with the trunks.

photo (10)

The following day, I mixed the first resin kit.  I slowly poured the resin to cover the burlap (it’s normal that the burlap will poke through the first coat).  I let the resin set up over night, the sanded with a 120 grit paper the following day. They will look scratchy, but you want to get all the pieces of the burlap smooth, try not to break the resin bond.  I cleaned with a damp cloth, let dry and repeated the resin process (not letting it drip off the top).  This sat over night again.

securedownload (1)

The last day, I placed the hardware back onto the old trunk tables, and placed into the downstairs family room.  My husband asked where we got the new tables.  He was shocked to find out they were the $25 find he begged me to walk away from 🙂  For about a full $75.00 investment, I saved over $300 for a little elbow grease.

securedownload (2) photo (11) securedownload (3)

And did I mention the extra storage when you lift the top?  You can’t beat extra storage 😉  – Always go with your gut – some old piece, can be new again with a little TLC from the right person.  Here’s to you all finding  your next great treasure!


The Pedestal Table and the Plan!

The Pedestal Table and the plan

I am so excited to share The Pedestal Table and the Plan post!.  A few weeks back I stumbled on the site with plans for a farmhouse pedestal table, also called a harvest table.  I fell totally in love with the post of this farmhouse pedestal table, so I decided to give it a try.  This was the first time I had built anything since high school shop class but that did not stop me! I grabbed the plan, forced the hubby (who’s a great sport I might add), into the car and headed off to Home Depot plans in hand.

I was so excited, I felt like I was running through the wood isle of Home Depot like it was a meadow on a spring day.   If anyone has ever wanted a Farmhouse Pedestal table, they know how expensive they are, so the feelings are warranted.  Curt, being a skeptic of the price tag, shook his head, and waited for the total with his eyes shut.    But the harvest table plan did not let me down! No kidding – I would get my new table and at an affordable price – The plan was spot on!

Here’s what we did:

1.  We gathered all the wood, loaded our vehicle and headed for the garage.  Once home, we followed the plans carefully, we even used a planer on every piece of wood, now that’s dedication!

Farmhouse Pedestal Table  - Before Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Planing the lumber

2.  We glued legs, added the decorative pieces, and cut the top and bottoms to complete the process just like the plan showed.

Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Preparing the legs Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Cutting the legs Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Assemble the legs Farmhouse Pedestal Table - The three legs

3.  Next we constructed the farmhouse pedestal table top with the Kreg Jig joining each board together with glue, screws, and nails and using a bunch of clamps to help us hold the top together.  Then we added the legs to the table top.

Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Kreg joinery Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Joining the table Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Aligning the pedestal to the table Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Aligning the pedestal to the table

4.  Once the Farmhouse Pedestal Table was complete, we sealed the piece so the wood would not take in all the stain at once,  (remembering from shop class that stain on pine can sometimes look too blotchy we sealed it first).  Then we stained each section with Aged Oak Stain by Minwax.  Once dried, we added a protective coating.

Farmhouse Pedestal Table - Stained and protected

5.  We let the farmhouse pedestal table dry over night, and set up the dining room.  We could not believe how beautiful our handy work was as we stood admiring the table for long periods of time at all angles of the room.  To match our style of the villa, we added burlap chairs with nail head that we purchased at Home Decorators.  It was a splurge, but after all a table is a necessity!  Looking forward to building bunches of family memories with this table.

Farmhouse Pedestal Table - The finished DIY Project


This was a fun project will take a few days to complete, and is intermediate in skill level.

Happy Building and please feel free to leave comments or ask questions.  Thanks for stopping by Hello I Live Here!

-Linda C