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Mirror Frame Makeover

Mirror Frame Makeover

Mirror Frame Makeover

Happy frozen Tuesday everyone.  Today’s post is about a mirror frame makeover.  On my travels to my favorite haunts, you know the ones, ;-), I found this awesome JCPenny Decorator Mirror.  The tag on the back read $120 new.  I paid $25 for the whole mirror.  It was a dark walnut brown and in pristine condition – I love it when no repair work is involved, it almost makes me giddy!

Mirror Frame Makeover

I have been looking for the perfect piece to go over the sofa to provide us some extra light.  In this Villa we only have the one bay of windows which provide all the light for these three connected rooms.  Wanting to accentuate the sun-light in the day, I felt a mirror would do the trick. So, I took this little find, used my Annie Sloan Old Orchre chalk paint, Duck Egg Blue, and a combo of clear and dark brown wax and brought some new life to this old piece (PS – I purchase my AS paints at Wood Icing in Chesterfield mall).

Mirror Frame Makeover

I started by cleaning the frame of dirt to start our mirror frame makeover. Then I simple painted two coats of the AS Old Ochre chalk paint, followed by a highlight of Duck Egg Blue on the raised flower pattern on each corner, and a trimming of Duck Egg Blue around the center of the frame.  After letting dry, I placed a coat of clear wax all over the mirror frame, let set a couple hours and followed with the dark wax over the duck egg blue, followed by heavy streaks of brown over the Old Ochre almost completing our mirror frame makeover.

Mirror Frame Makeover

I buffed the piece with another coat of clear wax giving me this awesome new mirror for a $25.00 investment.  I love the way it looks against the dark grey walls in the villa versus the old brown bomb it was.  Hope you enjoyed the mirror frame makeover.

Mirror Frame Makeover

For a cheap price and a little elbow grease look what you can have!  For now I sat it on the back of the couch to get a feel for the mirror.  I hope to get it onto the wall tomorrow and add a couple of sconce lights on each side.  Now to find those at a great price 😉

Mirror Frame Makeover

Tomorrow I hope to have more on the special kitchen storage we are in the middle of building with the help of our friends at D. Lawless Hardware.  We had a parts delay due to an awful ice storm so once Mother Nature let’s those parts through I will be back to the big finish and reveal for you!!!  You know what they say – you can’t rush Mother Nature 😉   Until next post – Thanks for stopping by Hello I Live Here for our mirror frame makeover post.

Linda 🙂

China Cabinet Makeover

China Cabinet Makeover – Part II

Not sure if you recall, but back a while back we started a post about making an old china hutch new again.  Our prior post focused on the top section of the china cabinet makeover part I, the section that holds the china (which we still are doing finishing touches).  This post is all about the bottom storage section of the china cabinet makeover.

Top of China Hutch
Top of China Hutch

I found this little gem about 4 months ago on my very first thrift store shopping spree at Red Racks for a whole $40!  As you can tell from the before pictures, this china hutch was in desperate need of a redo, and who was better to give her a face lift then the Hello I Live Here team, right! 😉  This was no small undertaking, as we are still working on this baby because, well you know, a girl likes to change her mind as she goes along on a project, which left this QT a little unfinished and begging for me to get back to work now that we have some warm days.

China Cabinet Makeover - Bottom Base Before

Our first task was to rip apart (and I do mean rip) the hideous old and bulky trim molding and round crown that embellished this hidden beauty.  Believe it or not, this old trim was really built to last, real wood trim custom made and heavy duty!  Each trim piece was connected using sturdy dowels and needless to say, it took some muscle to remove the trim, but we made it happen ;-).  After the trim was removed, we also removed the three doors.  We made sure to save the hardware and the old trims just in case it came in handy with a future project, as we all say – don’t toss today what you may need tomorrow!

China Cabinet Makeover - Trim Added

Next up for our china cabinet makeover we added some modern and decorative trim that matched the top part of the cabinet (we really wanted more of that boxy look that was more cottage appearance on this piece).  The trim was purchased from The Home Depot.  We selected trim profiles that fit the design of our villa.  Each trim piece was cut on our Ryobi 10″ laser light miter saw at a 45 degree angle and nailed into place with our trusty Ryobi nail gun (which by the way our shop cannot live without either tool ;-))  We added new center railings for the new doors, and side moldings to each side as shown above and below.

China Cabinet Makeover - Bottom Base Before and After

After the trim was done, our china cabinet makeover was starting to take shape.  We used Bondo all-purpose putty to cover any nail holes, and joining trim pieces we added to the sides (that new square side boarder we just love spiffed up those sides like Cinderella going to a ball).  Once the Bondo dried, we sanded with our Ryobi Corner Cat Sander, and an 80 grit sand paper, followed by a 120 grit to give it the smooth appearance.

China Cabinet Base Trim Details

Once the sanding was completed, we primed the newly installed pieces, using a bare wood primer by Valspar in white.  Primer is important when you are using raw woods.  If you paint and the wood has not been sealed with primer, it tends to suck in the paint, taking up to 3 coats to cover, so always prime bare wood.  That was all I could complete today on this wonderful piece for tonight everyone, but I promise it will not take six more months to finish this series. 🙂

China Cabinet Base Trim detail

China Cabinet Base Trim Painted

Part III will show you our next elements we added to the new looks, and that wonderful little surprise that will introduce this old piece to the 21st century!  Hope you like the progress so far everyone!  Have a great night!