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Grey paint colors

To go grey or not to go grey – that is the question?

Hello readers todays post is all about the color grey!  Today we are working on some of our inside projects – you know two at once like many of us bloggers do on a daily basis.  While waiting for my new piece of furniture to dry with the first coat of Annie Sloan color, I decided to move to the walls as we are painting our villa a new grey color to contrast with our new more comfy living style instead of our heavy old world style left over from the previous home decor that we sold.

Grey paint colors

Many decorators and DIYers are loving the color grey right now, including Hello I Live Here.  Not too long ago we finished our master bathroom series which was a five part upgrade.  Then we went to the Master bedroom where we embellished the walls with a wonderful grey color.  Once it went up, hubby for the first time, could understand the why the DIY decorating ripple effect happens (remember that post?)  Then here came the planning boards.


Since paint the master we are now moving through the first floor of the Villa.  We have made some progress by using the same color combinations we did in the master bedroom (which I will blog real soon for you) – We are working on the lighter walls this week and will choose the walls to receive the darker accent color as we did in the bedroom.

Grey paint colorsWe are using Valspar  from Lowe’s and Behr Ultra with primer from Home Depot – Collonade Gray which will provide that tradition twist of cool neutral color we are looking for.  I used Behr because it seems to cover these walls in one coat, where other brands were taking two with the sample swatches, and because we are a west facing home and the cool tones help keep our rooms looking welcoming, cheerful and homey, which is why we chose a gray with cool hues.  With this color we will be using Valspar’s String on our focal walls, which will accent nicely and bring that little bit of drama the room craves.  This will be accomplished using the 80/20 rule, 80% neutral, and 20% strong helping to balance the our rooms.

Grey painted rooms

As we progress with our paint project, we will post you some snap shots of what we have left to complete.  Once the paint goes up, we will be letting the excitement begin with the next project on our list, but we don’t want to give it all away in one post!

Thanks for stopping by today!!! Until next post, may the forces of grey be with you!