Thrift Store Side Table Upcycle

Thrift Store Side Table Upcycle

Thrift Store Side Table Upcycle

Hello everyone!  Today’s blog – updating an old Thrift Store Side Table Up-cycle from Lammert’s furniture.  When I saw this piece, I simply fell in love – it was a total swoon!

Thrift Store Side Table Upcycle

If you live in St Louis you are familiar with Lammert’s Furniture.  The founder, Martin Lammert Sr. opened in St. Louis in 1861, he paved the way for a multimillion-dollar, retail-furniture Company that was a St Louis icon for 150 years and five generations.  Closing in 2007, many pieces that were bought generations ago, are now being tossed into thrift shops everywhere.  It makes me sad to think that new generations are discarding these great, sturdy pieces of real wood furniture instead of performing a thrift store side table upcycle.

But, you know how I feel, one man’s junk is Hello I Live Here’s treasure ;-).  So Thanks for tossing out these great Lammert’s pieces for me to update and love again.

This little piece was in bad shape.  So, I whipped out my sander and took the top down to the wood.  As I got further into the piece, it was apparent it need new veneer.  After watching the pain Kristi had went through removing veneer over at Addicted 2 Decorating, I decided to go a different route and use planking, and I am very happy with the choice Just look at her now!  Kristi – my hats off to you for the job you did on yours!

Thrift Store Side Table Upcycle

This Lammert’s thrift store side table upcycle consisted of using the following:

Ryobi Nail Gun (and small tiny nails – Thank you Ryobi for such wonderful tools 😉 ).

Liquid Nails for paneling

-10” Ryobi Laser guided Ryobi Miter Saw (you can use a miter box and hand saw)

-Various grey and white planks left over from dresser project (which finish is up for tomorrow)

Ridge Hand Router (from Home Depot)

Ryobi Cat Sander (80 and 120 grit paper)

Rust-Oleum Rubbed Bronze Spray paint (used on handles)

Annie Sloan French Linen paint (from Wood Icing)

-Annie Sloan clear and brown wax

Here is the process used to create a new Lammert’s thrift store side table upcycle.

First, I sanded the piece down (my intention was to save the piece and stain, however, the Lammert’s thrift store side table upcycle required more than stain).

Thrift Store Side Table Upcycle

Next, I cut all the left over plank I did not use on our DIY Dresser and Bench Storage post.  These were already washed with paint in the perfect colors so I went to my scrap wood pile, and used all that was left to complete this thrift store side table upcycle. (I love not wasting the scraps 😉 ).

DIY Storage and Bench

Then, I fit my pieces to get the design, making sure the seam of the cuts staggered just right.  I added liquid nails to the back of each plank and used my Ryobi Nail gun with a small nail to set each piece.

Thrift Store Side Table Upcycle

After I finished adding the planking, you can see it hung past the round shaped opening on each side.  I whipped out the router and trimmed those tall pieces away leaving this perfect shape to the sides.

Thrift Store Side Table Upcycle

Once finished with the trimming of the planks, I added Annie Sloan French Linen chalk paint to the piece.  I thought it would stop there, but I truly wanted to shabby this little piece into that beach feel, so I added my coat of clear wax, let it sit, then came back with my dark wax and pulled it right through the piece until I gave the Lammert’s thrift store side table upcycle just the look I wanted.  🙂 I am a very happy girl with this one.  Once the Dark wax set up, I came back with another coat of the clear wax to protect the paint.

Thrift Store Side Table Upcycle

Last, I sprayed the original hardware with Rust-Oleum Rubbed Oiled Bronze, dried and installed back on the Lammert’s thrift store side table upcycle.

Thrift Store Side Table Upcycle So, what do you think?  Total swoon or what!!!  Can you believe this is the same broken down old piece?  Me…totally in love with this little beauty.  I just cannot pass up a great piece of furniture, and this is the reason why.  When you have real wood furniture you can do things to update that you cannot do on newer no wood furniture.  So, I personally want to say thank you to the wonderful person who tossed this great little piece.

Thrift Store Side Table Upcycle

That’s all I have for you today – I am getting back to work for tomorrows post – Until then – I hope you are encouraged to revive an old piece of furniture and try a Lammert’s thrift store side table upcycle!

Thrift Store Side Table Upcycle

Thanks for stopping by Hello I Live Here – please ask us questions or leave a comment – I love talking with you!

Linda 🙂

2 Comments on Thrift Store Side Table Upcycle

  1. Kayla Seah
    February 26, 2014 at 12:44 pm (5 years ago)

    I’m always amazed at what I can find at a thrift store. This turned out so nice.

    • Linda
      February 26, 2014 at 6:55 pm (5 years ago)

      We are so glad you like our creative upcycle. You are correct; you never know what you will find when you walk into your neighborhood thrift store.



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