Trace Mobile Social Media App for IPhone

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Trace Mobile Social Media App for IPhone

Hey everyone have you heard of Trace Mobile Social Media App for IPhone?  Well, let us tell you about this new social media app!

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I took the day off to spend with my wonderful oldest daughter Corrina!  Well, it wasn’t really a day off – Corrina manages Hello I Live Here’s Pinterest boards (yep, she is the gal behind those great Pinterest photo’s 1,000’s of our followers view daily ;-)), so we fit in a little business and then had a great day shopping around Columbia MO visiting some awesome antique stores.

Why Corrina and I were doing our two ladies lunching date, she suggested a new app for Apple I-Phone to share with my peeps that love following new trends called Trace Mobile Social Media App for IPhone! This awesome app allows you to discover the cool things people buy, while allowing you to follow them, why sharing the cool things you purchase.

So, what was Hello I Live Here to do?  Well, we took Corrina’s social networking advice and signed up for an account where we can share cool trends with our readers and you can share them back with us by you following our page.

You got it – finally an app that is centered on shopping and sharing purchases!  Why I love Instagram and twitter, I am excited to find another social media app that is centered on reviews and conversations about specific things I love to buy and share with our blog followers.

So jump on the band wagon and download the app and follow us on Trace!.  Not only are our readers welcome, but our blogging buddies should find us and follow us too!  Come discover the cool things people are buying, share the cool things you are buying.  When you see something you want to try, add it to your wish list and Trace will let you know more about these items.

Click here to view this awesome app:  Trace!

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Share your posts on Facebook and twitter, with your friends on your favorite social networks.  Want to learn more?  Stop by!    After you down load your app, make sure to add HELLO I LIVE HERE and start following our page!  It’s that simple!

Come on let’s help Trace Mobile Social Media App for IPhone  grow!!!  We are excited to see your trends and stuff you like to buy!  Start posting 😉  Hello I Live Here is waiting to see what your likes are so we can show you how to build it for less J  Happy Trace!

Linda  🙂

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